Naughty Pics And Butt Plug Slips
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Just a whole lot of fun sexy shenanigans to report on this episode! I think I have my first ever cursed butt plug, warning super glue is not your friend. I'm looking pretty good in my latest sexy pics. Building the perfect "sex jungle gym" with living room furniture. Followed by some face sitting mishaps. And why you can just call me the queen of happy ending hand jobs. TCGD listeners I LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Go to ( to sign up for my mailing list, email or voice mail me. Thank you for supporting my affiliates who help keep this show FREE: To master hand jobs, as mentioned in this episode, go to ( and use the code CURIOUSGIRL30 at checkout for a 30% discount! ( Enter code CURIOUSGIRL for a FREE engraving! ( CBD Sex Oil (I HIGHLY recommend this!) (Click Here For A Bestie Discount!) Taste Vita (Taste better for your partner!) (Click Here For A Bestie Discount!) Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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