Post Nut Clarity
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I recently came across the term post nut clarity and wondered what "exactly" it is? Have I ever had it....... sounds bad whatever it is! Or, maybe it's a good thing and my head is filled with wonderful revelations; like a third eye opening?? Is this a reference to men only that have it or do women have it too? This is really a call out to all my listeners to help solve this conundrum. And while we're at it let's talk about regretful things I say on the show, advice to help me avoid sexual mishaps and what's in my porn search browser history. TCGD listeners I LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK! Go to to sign up for my mailing list, email or voice mail me. THE PRIVATE PODCAST IS HERE!! GO TO TO SIGN UP! To learn more about Karma and Joshua go to: THE PRIVATE PODCAST IS HERE!! GO TO TO SIGN UP! Thank you for supporting my affiliates who help keep this show FREE: Combat ALL forms of ED. Get a BlueChew online prescription for FREE: Go to and use the code CURIOUSGIRL at checkout plus $5.00 shipping. Be ready for every HOT moment this summer! For the best condoms, lubricants, and accessories go to Enjoy sex without worrying about climax control with Promescent Delay Spray at To master hand jobs, and rock your partner’s world, go to and use the code CURIOUSGIRL10 at checkout for a 10% discount! Enter code CURIOUS for a FREE engraving! Honeypot CBD Lube (I HIGHLY recommend this!) Click HERE and use code CURIOUS10 for 10% off your purchase! Taste Vita (Taste better for your partner!) Click Here For A Bestie Discount! Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries: Privacy & Opt-Out:
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