While faith can be difficult in a world that clamors for evidence and proofs, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel.
Published 11/15/19
In the October 2019 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, some changes were announced to the Young Women's program.
Published 11/14/19
Forgiveness is more than just a commandment; it’s a gift that helps us to heal.
Published 11/13/19
Small acts of service and kindness can lead others to the gospel, and they can also lighten the load of those around us.
Published 11/12/19
As Elder Ronald A. Rasband reminded us in April 2019, “We are at war with Satan for the souls of men.” But we are not alone in this battle for righteousness; the Lord supports us.
Published 11/11/19
Throughout the history of the world, the Lord has prepared a way for those who obey His commandments to be victorious, and He will continue to do so.
Published 11/05/19
In George Elliot's Silas Marner, the title character has lost his faith in humanity and divine power. But as he allows himself to find new faith in God after a terrible experience, he discovers joy and contentment.
Published 11/04/19
Sister Joy D. Jones offered seven ideas of what we should strive to be before we participate in dialogue about religious education and freedom, which can be applied to any discussion.
Published 11/04/19
Paul taught that Jesus Christ is the captain of our salvation. We can each have the courage to go where He directs and follow His commandments when we put our trust in Him.
Published 11/04/19
In November 1869, Brigham Young established what would become the Young Women's organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Published 11/04/19
When we find ourselves feeling marginalized, distant, or outside our comfort zones; when we feel that other members aren’t part of our social group; we can reach out in love.
Published 11/01/19
Before the fulness of the gospel could be restored, the world had to be prepared.
Published 10/31/19
October marks the 163 anniversary of the rescue of the Martin and Willie handcart companies. In 1856, they set out to cross the plains.
Published 10/30/19
Paul and Alma were examples of deep change and acceptance of the atonement of Jesus Christ
Published 10/29/19
As we strive to live as examples of Jesus Christ, others can learn about Him. When we are baptized, we take upon ourselves the name of Christ, and we become His adopted sons and daughters.
Published 10/28/19
We have potential to develop powers within ourselves and become greater than we dare to dream. We can inherit all that our Heavenly Father has if we progress toward becoming what we are meant to be.
Published 10/22/19
Sometimes, we may be faced with crippling self-doubt. Some individuals face this on a daily basis for much of their lives. But it’s important to remember that God’s grace reaches everyone, even perfectionists.
Published 10/21/19
On Sunday, October 24, 1841, Elder Orson Hyde knelt on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and dedicated that land for the gathering of the Jews and of Israel to their ancient inheritance.
Published 10/21/19
Church attendance can seem daunting at times. But we must remember that church is the place where we take the sacrament, remember the Savior and His atonement, and renew our covenants. It is a place where “all may be edified of all.”
Published 10/21/19
"Lord, I Would Follow Thee" is a beautiful hymn with a more beautiful message. As we pause in our busy lives to help those around us, we can find strength in the Lord that we couldn’t have on our own.
Published 10/21/19
Service is a duty, but it’s also a blessing, a pleasure, a joy, and a privilege. When we let the “chances for work all around,” the “opportunities right in our way” pass by, we give up this privilege.
Published 10/15/19
Paul explained that his greatest desire was to be worthy of the resurrection of the just.
Published 10/14/19
As we put off the old man (or woman) and put on the new, we are seeking the rebirth that Christ described to Nicodemus. We are creating the change of heart that we need to experience in order to come unto Christ.
Published 10/14/19
This week, the Come, Follow Me manual encourages us to make a list of things we learn about Christ in Colossians 1:12–23.
Published 10/14/19
Today, we celebrate Columbus Day in the United States of America, as Columbus set foot in the Bahamas on October 12, 1492.
Published 10/14/19