Sunday Special with President Donald Trump, Dr. Peter McCullough, Mike Benz and Pete Hegseth 06/09/24
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First up is our President Trump on the eve of the verdict in his sham conviction. Listen to what he’s got to say about it, especially about picking his next AG. Next, We talked with Dr. Peter McCullough about the Fauci hearings before congress, and the latest on the Covid vaccines. Then, We talked with Mike Benz about Hunter Biden and just how and why he’s important to the intel community. Finally, we talked with Pete Hegseth about a great new book called The War on Warriors about the current state of our military. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Dan, Tucker Carlson and Don Jr. sit down for an evening wrap-up at the RNC This RNC special is sponsored by MyPillow. Go to and use promo code DAN or call 800-637-4982 for a special offer. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Published 07/17/24
Published 07/17/24
A lot of this is not adding up. In this episode, I delve deep into the newly-uncovered details surrounding the Trump assassination attempt, plus my take on JD Vance as VP. Trump Picks J.D. Vance as 2024 Running Mate Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle landed job after push by Jill Biden’s...
Published 07/16/24