Danny’s Survival Kit | The Danny Brown Show Ep. 55
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This week Danny Brown hits all the favorite segments. First, Danny gives us an update on sober life. During Ask Danny, he gives his top 10-ish items he would need to survival. He also answers questions about dating advice, YMH Cool Guy RPC, and his album The Hybrid. Danny debates some White People Shit, like being barefoot and lifted trucks. A couple fire Freestyles make their appearances, as well as some more Drip Sets from the Met Gala. Danny sprinkles a few topics from The Wheel, where we learn how Danny got started on sparkling water and his favorite wing spot. Shouts out to Pluckers.
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Published 09/26/23
On this week's episode Danny Brown is joined by comedian, Ari Shaffir. Ari recently went to Danny's show in New York and things got a little crazy. Danny and Ari compare the performing music versus stand up comedy. They address a few Ask Danny questions about music videos, pubes, Bjork, and more....
Published 09/26/23
This week Danny is joined by the singer of Code Orange, Jami Morgan. Code Orange's new album "The Above" drops September 29th. Danny and Jami talk about producing and their inspirations from rock, hip hop, and EDM. Jami helps Danny out with some Ask Danny questions about fame, white people...
Published 09/19/23