The Dart Guy Show: Season 2 - Episode 20
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Back from his trip to Vancouver the Dart guy looks back to the Leafs loss to the Canucks this past Wednesday, and he's joined by co-host Ryan Drury. Todd Shapiro also joins to share his hot takes. The guys also tee-up tonight's Leafs and Oilers game
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Dart Guy and Ryan Drury breakdown their expectations of what the Leafs will do this season vs what they wish would happen, give their prediction of the Leafs' cap situation, and as always take your calls for your Leafs' off-season wish list!
Published 04/27/19
Dart Guy and Ryan are here to recap the Leafs big win over the Bruins in game 5 and to tee up game 6 coming up. Plus all the calls from the fans!
Published 04/20/19
Leafs are up 3-2!! Dart Guy and Ryan are here to talk all about the big game 5 win and game 6 coming up. Plus all the fan takes and much more!
Published 04/20/19