Dave is once again joined by his media partner Chris Ying and producer Isaac Lee to discuss a multitude of culinary topics.
Published 04/12/21
Dave shares his thoughts on what the food landscape of post-pandemic America might look like (0:52) before he and Chris Ying are joined by Oscar-nominated ‘Minari’ director Lee Isaac Chung to discuss his highly touted film and its resonance with the Asian American experience (16:52).
Published 04/08/21
Dave and Chris Ying answer questions submitted by you, the listeners!
Published 04/01/21
Dave and Chris Ying expand on the previously discussed sandwich rankings (0:30) before they boot up the “supercomputer,” a.k.a. producer Isaac Lee, to share their thoughts on a variety of culinary topics (20:55).
Published 03/29/21
Dave and Chris Ying react to the numerous responses to the "Crazy Ideas and How to Use Them" episode (0:49) before they are joined by the L.A. Times’ Gustavo Arellano to discuss Cheech Marin’s underappreciated comedy film ‘Born in East L.A.’ (11:13).
Published 03/25/21
Dave shares his personal favorite types of sandwiches (0:31) before he and Chris Ying sit down with ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ actor Kelly Marie Tran to discuss the privilege and burden of blazing a trail for Asian Americans on screen, her pioneering role in the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, and of course, food (8:43).
Published 03/22/21
Dave first calls up Chris Ying and producer Isaac Lee to respond to the horrific murders of Asian American women in Atlanta and the ongoing violence against Asian and Pacific Islander Americans (0:00). Then, Dave and Chris are joined by Anyday founder Steph Chen to discuss developing cookware specifically for the microwave oven and how it can dramatically change the way people cook at home (0:00). To purchase Anyday cookware, visit cookanyday.com. For more information on demystifying the...
Published 03/18/21
Dave, Chris Ying, and producer Isaac Lee discuss differences among regional cuisines in the United States, including the recent inflammatory online debate surrounding bagels (1:26). Then, they offer their thoughts on a handful of other culinary topics (35:22).
Published 03/15/21
Dave and Chris Ying are joined by Pete’s Place chef Peter Serpico to discuss the ups and downs of parenting in pandemic times.
Published 03/11/21
Dave and Chris Ying weigh in on topics and questions posed by their producer, “supercomputer” Isaac Lee.
Published 03/08/21
Dave explains why anchovies are an underrated ingredient (0:00) before he and Chris Ying are joined by a four-time guest, the polymath Eddie Huang, to discuss his new film ‘Boogie’ and its numerous cultural insights (10:26).
Published 03/04/21
Dave and Chris Ying sit down with renowned physicist Safi Bahcall to discuss his highly touted book ‘Loonshots’ and the paradoxical keys to leading a successful organization, as well as how it relates to Dave’s own experience in the restaurant industry.
Published 03/01/21
Dave and producer Isaac Lee react to the news of beloved Los Angeles restaurant Spoon By H closing its doors (0:00) before Dave and Chris Ying speak to ‘The Circus’ host John Heilemann about the state of American politics in the early days of the Biden administration (7:32), as well as the argument for keeping shoes on in the house (49:30).
Published 02/25/21
Dave, Chris Ying, and producer Isaac Lee share their personal experiences with gambling before bringing in ‘Fox Bet Live’ cohost Sal “Cousin Sal” Iacono to discuss his new book ‘You Can’t Lose Them All’ and the wide world of gambling.
Published 02/22/21
Dave recommends three underrated Asian and Asian American foods: salted mackerel; King’s Hawaiian bread rolls; soups and stews at Korean barbecue restaurants (0:00). Then, he and Chris Ying bring in Entireworld founder Scott Sternberg to explore the parallels between fashion and food (8:00).
Published 02/18/21
Dave and Chris Ying force their producer Isaac Lee to recount his first week of living in Portland, Oregon before giving their thoughts on a variety of topics: wearing shoes indoors, tater tots, favorite teachers, flavored cream cheese, goose, eggplant, billiards, and more.
Published 02/11/21
Dave praises the under-recognized excellence of Asian food in the San Gabriel Valley (2:35) before he and Chris Ying interview former Navy SEAL commander Mike Hayes about his new book ‘Never Enough: A Navy SEAL Commander on Living a Life of Excellence, Agility, and Meaning’ and its many leadership lessons that chefs can adapt to help manage kitchens (8:57).
Published 02/08/21
Dave, Chris Ying, and Noelle “Snackmaster” Cornelio continue their quest to explore all things snacks.
Published 02/04/21
Dave and Chris Ying answer questions posed by their producer Isaac Lee on a variety of topics: clam chowder, Guinness, fashion phases, gum, metal music, hangover cures, diner food, and more.
Published 02/01/21
Dave briefly talks to his producer Isaac Lee about how podcasting has changed since the pandemic (2:44) before being joined by actor Dax Shepard to discuss the explosive popularity of his podcast ‘Armchair Expert’ (9:14), the organic success of ‘Top Gear America’ among gearheads and laypeople alike (17:10), and, of course, food (33:40).
Published 01/28/21
Dave and Chris Ying call up chef-restauranteur Rosio Sanchez to discuss pioneering Mexican cuisine in Denmark and a variety of other culinary topics.
Published 01/25/21
Dave discusses the dilemma of choosing between a milkshake and a soda to accompany a fast-food hamburger (0:00) before he and Chris Ying call up Boston University professor Greg Blonder to correct common misconceptions about the microwave oven (8:00).
Published 01/21/21
Dave and Chris Ying answer questions sent in from you, the listeners! Stick around until the very end for listener voicemails.
Published 01/14/21
Dave extols the virtues of steamed fish (0:00) before he and Chris Ying are joined by Momofuku’s Noelle “Snackmaster” Cornelio to discuss (and eat!) snacks (8:30). Warning: This episode contains audio of chewing, swallowing, and other sounds affiliated with consuming food. Listen at your own risk.
Published 01/11/21
Dave and Chris are joined by Yale professor James Q. Whitman, author of ‘Hitler's American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law,’ to discuss how Nazi Germany drew from American race laws in crafting the Nuremberg Laws.
Published 01/07/21