1722: Live Music & Fine Dining
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Dean Jenkinson and musical comedy duo David Milchard and Ken Lawson amp-up the crowd when they decide if all music should be experienced live. Then, is fine dining one of the finer things in life? Julie Kim and Wes Borg dish up a deluxe discourse.
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Pete Zedlacher and Matt Falk bring homegrown humour when they decide if hometown heroes warrant celebration. Then, Jenn Labelle and Myles Anderson go head-to-head on whether we should all be more competitive.
Published 06/01/23
Rebecca Northan and Arthur Simeon access their hire power when they decide if it’s time to end the practice of nepotism. Then, Chris Locke and Juliana Rodrigues spar over whether the spa is the most relaxing retreat.
Published 05/18/23
Published 05/18/23