Pegasus Report | Attack on Indian Democracy? | Akash Banerjee
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🇮🇳 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS 🇮🇳  - ▶️ 🔔 CLICK THE BELL ICON FOR ALERTS AND LIVESTREAM UPDATES! 🔔 17 prestigious media organizations - across the globe - have published details of a stunning spying operation that spans several nations - targeting thousands of individuals. The #Pegasus Report shows how this is an Attack on Indian Democracy (and those around the world) - how the #NSOGroup (a secretive Israeli company) sells high end snooping software to governments with the alleged aim of anti-terror operations .... but shockingly the bulk of people being hacked / snooped are people who have asking tough questions from the Govt at one point or the other. #Journalists, lawyers, opposition leaders.... making it clear that this is perhaps one of the biggest attacks on Democracy itself and this spying (originally meant to fight terror) has become a toy in the hands of wannabe dictators. In this Episode of The Deshbhakt with Akash Banerjee we raise important questions that this revelation forces us to ask.  ⛔️  BECOME A DESHBHAKT MEMBER - ⛔️  Unlock MEMBER ONLY: 1) Chats 2) Discord Server 3) Special Episodes   👕 DESHBHAKT MERCH - India's First Line of Socially & Politically aware tees 👕 📧 BUSINESS ENQUIRIES - contact (at) thedeshbhakt (dot) in 📧    *** SUBSCRIBE / FOLLOW US ***   YouTube: - Twitter :- Web - Instagram :- Facebook :- Podcast -   Credits : Writer : Akash Banerjee Editor : Tushar Chaudhary Producer : Avishrant Singh Chapter Heads : 00:00 - PEGASUS - THE BIGGEST EXPOSE OF THE YEAR  02:33 - WHO ORDERED THE PHONE HACK?  05:18 - INDIA IN SHADY COMPANY  07:54 - WHY IS PEGASUS SO DANGEROUS? 10:03 - THE ROAD AHEAD Resources : --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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