A Spellbound Palace
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To understand the murders we need to understand where Tommy was spending his time, and that requires a deep into the mythology surrounding CLINTON ROAD, dubbed The Most Haunted Road in America by ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts the world over. This episode will also introduce a mysterious millionaire named RICHARD CROSS who, although dead for decades at the time of the incident, his influence on devil worshippers was hugely felt.
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Th writer/director returns to the scene of the crime.
Published 07/27/21
Now we revisit the night in question, minute-by-minute, just like in episode one... only now we see things in a completely new light, and from a new perspective. Not from the point of view of law enforcement or his mother or his friend... but from Tommy’s point of view. We’ll understand what...
Published 06/01/21
Tommy returns to Clinton Road and witnesses a BLACK MASS and other rituals that he had only read about... read about in a book that was once owned by the late Richard Cross. Tommy decides to re-enact an ancient ritual from the book on the grounds of the long abandoned Cross estate. Innocent to...
Published 05/31/21