MotorTrend’s Car of the Year goes to Hyundai’s Genesis G90 and the KIA EV6 Charges Into the Future | #521
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Alan welcomes BJ Killeen – Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason as well as a long-time friend. Out with the old and in with the new. Technology and the ability to do everything in the metaverse are taking over. BJ says there is no real reason to have auto shows anymore because manufacturers are releasing their vehicles as soon as they are made and shopping online makes things easier. Electric horsepower vs. internal combustion engine horsepower. 0-60 in 3.3 seconds on a KIA! Mind-boggling! BJ says for her it’s not the power it’s the distance. BJ shares that Motor Trend has named the Genesis G90 the car of the year. It’s mostly an internal combustion engine a little hybrid outboard starter. Good power and one heck of a vehicle say BJ. The duo discusses how far Hyundai and KIA have come along in the auto world. Up next is Karl Brauer – Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror, and board member and Executive Analyst for Karl starts with the list of vehicles that went up in value. Porsche 911, Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, Porsche 718 Cayman, Jeep Wrangler 2 door. Next, they discuss the World Car of the Year competition as Karl test-drove 3 of the vehicles. The 2023 Lucid Air, and the 2023 Mercedes SL, which are fabulous cars. Impressive car, that looks and drives beautifully, and the 2023 Hyundai Ionic 6, which Karl feels will be a high profile car.  Lauren Fix – Editor-in-Chief for Car Coach Reports. joins Alan next, Lauren gives insight on the $7500 tax credit for purchasing an electric vehicle and the rules and regulations that may or may not allow you to have it. She also shares that she got a sneak peek of Toyota’s new concept car the 2025 BZ, and the Toyota Prius Prime which she says is the way to go. Before Lauren exits, she shares NACTOYs top three finalists of each category. Steven Cole Smith – Editor-in-Chief for Car Coach Reports makes a quick pit stop with Alan, to share news of friend Jay Leno getting burned while working on his antique steam car. Prayers of a speedy recovery go out to Leno. Steven goes on to share that Formula 1 will be racing in Las Vegas next year. It will be the most expensive ticket ever in the race series, and it’s because people will pay for it. Steven feels it’s gonna be a great race. Karl pops in to wrap the show up with Alan as the duo agrees that the auto shows are on their way to extinction. There are just too many other options for manufacturers to reach the customers. And as technology evolves so do they. [00:00:00] – Contributor BJ Killeen[00:06:56] – Car Culture Capitol[00:13:01] – Hyundai is right up there with Lexus[00:20:52] – Contributor Karl Brauer [00:29:03] – World Car of the Year[00:37:25] – 3 Cars that Wow![00:42:45] – Contributor Lauren Fix[00:50:57] – Tax Credit Eligibility[00:56:48] – NACTOY Top 3[01:04:38] – Contributor Steven Cole Smith[01:15:10] – Prayers for Leno[01:21:10] – Contributor Karl Brauer CREDITS Host: Alan TaylorProducer: Dave MilliganCopy Editor: Colleen Mahi Contributor: BJ KilleenContributor: Karl BrauerContributor: Lauren Fix Contributor: Steven Cole Smith  EXPLORE MORE WITH HELPFUL LINKS: * Contributor: BJ Killeen |  Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason* Contributor: Karl Brauer | Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror and board member and Executive Analys...
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