An Italian Supercar, The 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante Will Launch You Into The Future in 3.3 seconds. | #529
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Contributor and friend Lauren Fix – Editor-in-Chief for Car Coach Reports starts the show with Alan as they dive into what is considered to be the 100 billion dollar self-driving scam. Tesla has to recall over 360,000 of their vehicles to update their self-driving software. Too many accidents with drivers depend on what Tesla sold them as a self-driving vehicle, as they take a cat nap at the wheel. Lauren says a lot of things need to be ironed out before the next level of self-driving is implemented, from government regulations to mother nature. Next up is Karl Brauer –  Automotive Industry Analyst, Forbes Autos Contributor, North American Car and Truck of the Year juror, and board member and Executive Analyst for The duo discusses the lack of infrastructure for electric vehicles. Out of the 149,000 infrastructures placed throughout the country, only 11,000 of them are Level 3, which charges 3-20 miles a minute. The national average is 1 charging station for every 2280 residents. For level 3 charging stations, 1 for every 11,602 residents. Shifting gears and topics, Karl test-drove the 2023 Lamborghini Urus Performante, with 657 horsepower that will take you 0-62 in 3.3 seconds. With its carbon fiber panels, this lightweight SUV also has a “Rally” mode too which you can take, well off-road. BJ Killeen – Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason drop in with a few tidbits of information. Bentley is now ready to re-introduce its W12 engine, showcasing in the new Bentley Batur. So car collectors get ready! BJ also shed a little news on Faraday Future will be releasing it’s electric vehicle in the near future the FF91 Futures. BJ is not to sure how well Faraday will fare. Closing the show today is Stephen Cole Smith, Editor-in-Chief for Car Coach Reports, as he brings what’s new in the motorsports world. Underdog Ricky Stenhouse Jr. won the Daytona 500. A one car team, owned by Brad Dougherty, the first black owner to win the Daytona 500. Fontana Raceway will hold its last race this weekend before being torn down. A smaller track with more action will take it’s place. Stephen shares that he will be attending the Emilia Concourse, to which he prefers to attend because it’s a little more relaxed. Jeff Gordon will the honoree this year, and Stephen say’s it’s well deserved. Join us for our next episode as Ed Justice Jr., Brian Moody, George Kenney III, and BJ Killeen bring us more on what’s happening in the autoworld. [00:00:00] – Contributor Lauren Fix[00:07:12] – Tesla Recall[00:13:01] – Montana All Weather Test Drive[00:20:52] – Contributor Karl Brauer [00:29:01] – Not Enough Infrastructures[00:37:23] – Lamborghini Urus Performante[00:43:43] – Contributor BJ Killeen[00:50:16] – Bentley W12[00:56:44] – Faraday Future[01:04:35] – Contributor Stephen Cole Smith[01:14:03] – Last Race for Fontana[01:21:06]– Emilia Concourse CREDITS Host: Alan TaylorProducer: Dave MilliganCopy Editor: Colleen Mahi Contributor: Lauren Fix Contributor: Karl BrauerContributor: BJ Killeen Contributor: Stephen Cole Smith  EXPLORE MORE WITH HELPFUL LINKS: * Contributor: BJ Killeen | Automotive Journalist and Voice of Reason * Contributor: Lauren Fix | Editor in-Chief for Car Coach Reports.
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