S05E09: Driving all the cars & James May's pub
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This month we've been driving lots of things – from £100k classic Minis to £15k classic BMW M5s, Polestar 1s, VW Touareg Rs, Porsche Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismos and that's probably the character count used up. Basically we review lots of cars. But there's more! Tim and Rach have both been hanging out with James May at his pub – find out what that's like and excuse Tim's bunged-up nose.
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Published 06/04/21
After a mild hiatus Rachael and Tim are back to talk about the huge pile of cars they've reviewed over the past month – from €1.5m super GTs to electric Skodas, 600hp hybrid Hondas and two Lotuses that Tim used to make the internet angry. We also chat about what life's been like since starting...
Published 04/30/21
On this week's slice of nonsense, Tim's joined by Rachael Hogg and Lucy Brown to talk about the NEWS (a 3.5-to-60mph Kia and a Mini pace car), but mostly we talk about our attempts at camping. Why? Because there's a new small VW Caddy California...
Published 03/30/21