The Dungeon Run - Episode 101: All Quiet in Axbright
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The Heroes of Bingle arrive in Fahima’s hometown of Axbright to find it curiously peaceful and free of demons. But the growing mysteries surrounding Fahima’s father and some surprise reunions give them plenty to deal with! 
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Published 01/14/22
After the climactic, time-bending battle with Nonezzeron, the Heroes of Bingle are left with many lingering questions. Will casting Speak with the Dead on a resentful dragon provide any answers? And then, as they attempt to make their escape, one party member's fateful decision threatens to throw...
Published 01/14/22
The Heroes of Bingle make their way closer to the grave of the mysterious and powerful Nonezzeron, the Chronodragon they encountered in the past. But a number of young dragons guarding the area and a landscape where time is out-of-sync makes the journey a strange and treacherous one. And even if...
Published 01/07/22