Episode 88: The Depths of Rage
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With Brakka wounded and caged, and Trovalt finally free, the HOB trek deeper into the Underfury in hopes of finding the missing Sky Child, Dipthe. However, the the team quickly discovers the fight with Brakka, was the least of their worries...
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Published 09/17/21
Wounded from their battle with a demon horde, the HOB must evade capture by the city guards for breaking the Moratorium on Magic. Can they save their friends and find the treasure in Whitebeard's Vault? Is the City of Terlis beyond saving? So many mysteries, so little time!
Published 09/10/21
Leaving Thorn behind, the party arrives in Terlis to find the city in distress. While their friends at Nightstone Abbey try to help the HOB unravel some mysteries of the Old Ones and Wardens, chaos erupts at the North wall…
Published 08/28/21