Monster Mythos: Marilith & Goristros
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Will and Brian are tackling two subjects to honor the Year of the Fiend. The Marilith and the Goristro are two incredibly powerful creatures rivaled only by the few. Find out the full extent of their power this week on The Dungeoncast! Looking to sponsor an episode or just say hello? Reach out [email protected] Or send us something by mail at: Po Box 1784, Upland, CA - 91785 Get your Dungeoncast Merchandise Check out our D&D Liveplay, Superquest Saga Support us on Patreon Join the community on Discord Get us a gift from our Amazon Wishlist¬† Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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Published 06/27/22
William and Brian are diving another layer deeper into The Nine Hells! This time they'll need their winter clothes as they traverse into the icy wastes of Stygia to study the looming power and ambition of Levistus. Although encased in ice, they are capable of wielding ancient powers of devil-kind...
Published 06/27/22
William and Brian are exploring the planes once more in their most recent Atlas Exterus. This time they travel through the Neutral Evil plane of Gehenna. There's no short supply of the terrible wonders to behold in this vast and complex landscape. Find everything this terrible location has to...
Published 06/20/22