Why I will never support an MLM brand feat Blair @iilluminaughtii
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‘Joining an mlm, prepare to lose money, time, friends and family. Purchasing from one, be consciously aware that you are supporting a system that will oppress those who are - financially in need and are trying to do better. You’re giving them false hope before it crashes down on them, and they potentially lose more money than what they’ve put in-.’ A quote from Blair @illuminaughti from our latest podcast episode this week.
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New podcast alert! Part 2 of our 2 part season finale featuring Dr Ricardo Diez. In part 1 we talked about the rise of the alternative (facts) cosmetics industry. This episode dove into the how. From false equivalency via self proclaimed experts, to wide spread fallacies that are spread as fact....
Published 06/24/21
This podcast featured Dr. Ricardo Diez, AKA The Prof - industry veteran, he’s now a professor in the cosmetics science masters program at Rutgers University. Part 1 of our 2 part season finale on the rise of the “alternative” (facts) cosmetics industry. This was one of my favorite interviews to...
Published 06/18/21
This week we spoke with Sam Farmer. In an industry led by pseudoscience marketing noise, Sam is someone I’ve long admired for going against the grain with his brand to stand up for reason in the cosmetics space. This conversation aired live on our discord and featured Sam’s perspective on what it...
Published 06/14/21