Naturals in Cosmetics - Roundtable
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Formulating with naturals. Are natural ingredients inherently better in some way? What about safety? Are you always better off with the natural option? I am joined in this discussion by regulatory expert Marie Dehlinger, perfumer and all-around fragrance expert Pia Long and cosmetics formulator Annalisa Branca. Enjoy the show. Interested in supporting the work we do? Find us on Patreon at
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This week we were joined by Heleen Kibbelaar @sciencemeetscosmetics, PhD candidate in complex fluid systems who is focusing her research on the hair! This episode was a 101 on hair care. Enjoy! PS, this podcast comes with a transcript! Head on over to if you'd like to...
Published 11/05/21
Published 11/05/21
A roundtable on sponsored content in the beauty world, in conversation with Nilki at @uglyducklingskincare, dermatologist, Davin Lim at @drdavinlim and Michelle Wong at @labmuffinbeautyscience. Enjoy! Interested in supporting the podcast? Find us at Looking for a...
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