This conversation featured Nadine Baggott on the state of beauty journalism. Hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did! Do you value our content? Please consider supporting us on Patreon! www.patreon.com/theecowell
Published 11/10/20
Our current information marketplace is like an ocean of brackish water. Truth mixing with conspiracy in an indistinguishable soup of ideas, opinions and facts. To help us navigate this ocean of wellness misinformation, it’s impacts, and what we can do about it, I was joined by Dr Josh Wolrich, NHS surgical doctor, science communicator and fellow podcaster. Enjoy!
Published 11/03/20
A conversation about the realities for 'sustainable' agriculture, featuring Dr Rene Van Acker, dean of the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph, and Dr Kevin Folta, horticultural researcher and professor at the University of Florida.
Published 10/27/20
This episode featured Andy Millward, UK based facialist. In this conversation we talked about the diversity in education for estheticians, and what that may mean for the end customer, how to find a good esthetician, collaboration in the skincare space and lots more!
Published 10/19/20
How do cosmetic claims get substantiated, why do they get parroted, and whose job is it to make sure the claims we see from brands are truthful? To try to tackle this topic, we talked to the woman who literally wrote the book on claims - Dr. Theresa Callaghan, Author of ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives: Cosmetics Claims & The Consumer’ She shares her insights, critique, and her thoughts on how the industry regulators are fighting an uphill battle. This episode was sponsored by Genomatica
Published 10/12/20
This episode featured a conversation with Liah Yoo, skincare influencer and founder of Krave Beauty. We talked about measured expectations for cosmetics, and the systemic issues of misinformation in the beauty space. Where do the issues start, how can we do better and what should consumers know.
Published 10/03/20
This episode featured a conversation with Dr Marie Dehlinger (@vetcosmetic), regulatory expert and science communicator. We covered misconceptions around product regulations, fear marketing and how it hurts the whole industry, animal testing, fragrances, and so much more. Hope you enjoy the podcast as much as we did!
Published 09/29/20
Kicking off season 3 with an episode featuring Dr Angelo Landriscina @dermangelo - on derm training, limits in knowledge, opportunities for collaboration for better care and education, and skincare myths and tips. Angelo also weighed in on fragrance in skincare, and the idea that has been floating around - 'if you want an effective product, choose a prescription rather than an OTC  or cosmetic.' Enjoy!
Published 09/22/20
Final episode of season 3! A few weeks ago I asked you guys to send in questions for our beauty science AMA episode. Here it is! Instead of answering them all myself, I decided to recruit some of my beauty/science friends on IG for our most collaborative episode yet to celebrate episode 100!
Published 07/12/20
This week we got into the weeds about AHAs with chemist Dr Shiva Farabi. What are they, what do they do, what are the different AHAs out there and how do they differ from each other. Also explored in the episode - what are 'acids' in skincare, what's the difference between 'mechanical' and 'chemical' exfoliation, and for beginner AHA users, what's a good approach for incorporating them into your skincare routine.
Published 07/12/20
As promised, here's a condensed version of our #beautyscience panel on the "clean" beauty movement. In conversation with Dr Anke Ginzburg (@dr.ginza), Dr Aegean Chan (@draegeanchan) and Dr Michelle Wong (@labmuffinbeautyscience). Does clean beauty offer any benefit to consumers? It irritated cosmetic scientists to the degree that they’re showing up on social media. Fostering conversation and collaboration - That is a good thing.
Published 06/30/20
Have you ever thought of launching your own skincare product? It can be hard to navigate a to-market strategy on your own; what should you look for in a chemist? Private label or custom formulation? Tests required? How do you label your product? Determine your shelf life? Decide on a manufacturer? This will be the reference episode! Featuring fellow cosmetic chemist Cynthia Johnson, founder at Cindy J Cosmetic Labs. Hey #indiebeauty startups! This one's for you!
Published 06/22/20
This episode featured @eunicecofie - cosmetic chemist and founder @nuekie in a conversation about representation and diversity in the beauty space. From skincare product design to dermatological care, journalism to cosmetic science and leadership. Hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did! Shout out to @draegeanchan - also briefly featured in this episode.
Published 06/15/20
Featuring Ryan Armstrong, Samantha Yammine & Jonathan Jarry. From placenta smoothies to “perineum sunning” - jade eggs to vampire facials, there is no denying the uptick of bunk wellness claims in the 2010’s. This kind of noise has a large and measurable impact. Today, studies can find anything. And we’re increasingly confused about what a healthy lifestyle involves. Why do false beliefs continue (and spread) in the face of bad, sometimes even fatal, consequences?
Published 05/31/20
This episode features a conversation with Michelle Miller, otherwise known as The Farm Babe . In a world of non-gmo and organic certified, Michelle takes on the massive challenge of attempting to debunk the myths and fallacies surrounding  our food production. There's a general feeling that “organic” agriculture will be more sustainable, and you can see this even in the cosmetics industry - all of our “eco” certifiers prioritize ingredients sourced via organic agriculture. Is it?
Published 05/26/20
This week's episode featured a conversation with Caroline Hirons. Misleading marketing has a long history of use in the personal care space. If misinformation has its claws dug into the cosmetics industry so deeply, how can we move forward?
Published 05/18/20
This episode featured a conversation with Andrea Hardy, a Canadian registered dietitian with a passion for science communication about nutrition, an area with a lot of misinformation, including with respect to skin health and supplementation. How does our diet impact our skin? There are a lot of trendy supplements becoming popular in the cosmetics space - are any of them worthwhile? Do you enjoy this podcast? Please consider supporting it on patreon > https://www.patreon.com/theecowell
Published 05/11/20
This episode featured a conversation with Perry Romanowski about science communication in the cosmetics space. Why is fear mongering misinformation so persuasive? What is the state of the problem of misinformation today? What can scientists and science-enthusiasts do about? and what are some of the challenges in our way?
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
This episode featured a conversation Laura Markley from Waste Free PhD. We talked about packaging - if we want more “sustainable” packaging, what are the metrics we should be looking to when informing our decisions? The major take home of this conversation was that #itscomplexitdepends but what's for sure? Black and white answers just don't work. And accessibility needs to be a big part of the equation when deciding what's right for you.
Published 04/21/20
This episode featured a conversation with Dr Anke Ginzburg on the topic of misplaced fear mongering. We gave our perspectives for the trends of ‘safe beauty’, ‘non toxic beauty’ and ‘clean beauty’ - long story short, there’s a lot of marketing fueled misinformation driving these ideas. This podcast was recorded as an IG Live video and featured some of the questions we received from our audience.
Published 04/14/20
New podcast alert! Feat Dr Aegean Chan in #beautyscience conversation about acne! Who should get extractions and who should you trust to do them? Accutane - is it safe (long story short - when you work closely with a dermatologist, yes.)? How often should you cleanse your skin? What are effective actives and routines for acne prone skin? We explored all this and more!
Published 04/07/20
In this episode, I talked with Dr Michelle Wong from Lab Muffin Beauty Science in an AMA episode. You sent in your questions and we tried our best to answer as many as we can - including how high of an SPF factor is needed, how much sunscreen should we be applying, is hyaluronic acid something to avoid, is there a max price one should spend on skincare, do nose porestrips cause damage to the skin and how effective are they, do lash growth products work, and lots more. Enjoy!
Published 03/31/20
This week, I took a break from our regular cosmetic science conversations to talk with Dr. Christopher Labos about the coronavirus. We covered the need to knows - what is the coronavirus, why does it spread so quickly, how can we reduce our chances of getting it, and why is it crucially important for us to all do our part to flatten the curve, to ultimately put less pressure on our health care system and to protect those who are at a higher risk. Sending lots of love to all of you! Stay safe...
Published 03/24/20
In this episode, I talked with Dr Anke Ginzburg about nail polish - about what goes into nail polish formulations and what doesn’t, misplaced fear-mongering such as the whole ‘5-free’ thing and why you shouldn’t be worried, and lots more. We also answered some of the nail polish questions submitted on Instagram. This was an information packed episode - hope you like it as much as I did.
Published 03/17/20