If It Doesn’t Have Green Purpose, It Won’t Make Cents
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The Environmental, Social and Governance integration into financial services gives business, investors and financial institutions the option to advocate for a sustainable future. Ambitions to be a leader in these markets can not be business as usual. Climate Strategist-Kevin Quinlan, Director of Research at The Institute of Sustainable Finance-Ryan Riordan and Scotiabank’s own Head of ESG Research-Patrick Bryden join us to show how Canada is poised become an economic influencer by accelerating innovation while mobilizing and securing a sustainable economic future.
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If we want to make a significant dent in the reduction of global warming a sharp pivot towards renewed energy sources is mandatory. Renewable energy uses earth’s natural resources to produce heat, electricity, energy and power. Disruption is necessary. But the good news is that there is enough...
Published 10/07/21
Published 10/07/21
Agricultural gases like methane released into the air from livestock, nitrous oxide from the synthetics put in soils and carbon dioxide from the machinery being used are contributing to our emissions. Food waste’s decomposition in landfills leads to the release of greenhouse gases like carbon...
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