Crisis of the week: change = bad. Need for control/wanting 'normal;' led to reflection into self and re-learning old messages. Accept self, then do honest evaluation. Love self more, & reflect on present moment. Adjust direction as needed, step into new self, embody new chosen identity. Resources: AMP #255 How to Own the Day with Kyle Kingsbury;12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson, Rules 9 & 10; Atomic Habits by James Clear - Ch. 3. The Insight Timer app meditations - Lucy Valnicek,...
Published 05/15/20
This week Liz reflects on the teachings of Ram Dass as they've impacted her this season of Quarantine and inner conflict. Feel whatever emotion you’re experiencing. Whatever that is, it’s okay. Physical manifestation of heavy emotions on body, relationships, and work. Honesty, unconditional love, the ego, & laughter. How accessing, forgiving & loving all parts of us impact our processing. References: Being Nobody Documentary; AMP ep #265; Here and Now Podcast with Ram Dass on The Be...
Published 05/01/20
Existential crisis of the week: could Covid be an opportunity to examine what we value? Do we have a chance to restructure existing systems? A FORCED slow down. Discover what brings purpose/fulfillment. Ask how do I feel today, & can we set intentions that are aligned (instead of just keeping up with a calendar). Just because this is how it's been, doesn't mean it has to stay. Today's thoughts inspired by Charles Eisenstein's "The...
Published 04/17/20
Published 04/17/20
In this conversation, Natalie and Liz dive into the relationship we all have with food and our bodies. Natalie points out many benefits to trusting that your body and your intuition know better than your brain; we discuss love, self-compassion, gratitude and nonjudgment vs trying to hate yourself into weightloss or feeling comfortable/confident in your own skin. The negative side effects of dieting, and figuring out your WHY. Natalie is a Binge & Diet Recovery Coach - follow her...
Published 04/03/20
Feeling all the things in the past week - the rollercoaster of emotions that has been COVID 19... the pandemic of our lifetime and the many darknesses it can be dredging up for us. Not a "how to stay positive in quarantine" recording... a reminder to tell your truth, to connect with whoever you can. To feel what you're feeling and maybe even do some of that inner-work you've been avoiding.
Published 03/20/20
Liz & Kathrine @passionforplants discuss leaning into a more plant based diet and how our contributions matter. Open your mind! Consider ways you could possibly make a positive impact. Explanation of HDL & LDL cholesterol/risks via the way we eat. Description of Blue Zone and where/how people live comfortably to old age. Must Listen To's: The School of Greatness Podcast with Dr mark hyman - Build Your Health to Build Your Wealth & MindBodyGreen Podcast - Ep 121 How to Heal...
Published 03/10/20
Amy and Liz talk about taking volunteer jobs while traveling, making friends with people who lift you up and make you feel comfortable, and how facing your feelings and your discomfort forces you to get confident in who you are and what you're about. Letting go of needing to look good to please others or to fit the norm, and embracing that your path might look different than those around you, and that's okay. How connecting with others will help you remember that you're not alone....
Published 02/26/20
Being present where you are. Working on it by actively connecting with the moment, with yourself and with those around you -- not living in the past or wishing for a better future, but working towards the better future, the 10k hours to mastery (referenced in Ep 40 and similar to theme of Ep 35: Start Small).
Published 02/18/20
Josh and Liz talk about the guilt that keeps us holding on to old endeavors longer than we truly want or need to hold on. How opening up about mental health and hardship became freeing, and how it gets easier the more you do it. Being a positive influence on others (even when you're not sure why anyone would listen to you in the first place). Josh's dad is the chapter leader of Team Red, White & Blue for Vet activities in Pittsburgh - find more info at teamrwb.org or DM @josh_buzzard
Published 02/11/20
This week we’re taking a deep dive into the book Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey. Bailey gives us - and Liz summarizes - simple & actionable steps to improve our ability to focus longer and more efficiently, increasing our productivity significantly, and thus improving our fulfillment in life. Since implementing many of these tools in my own hyperfocus sessions, I'm getting done twice the work in half the time, and enjoying my down time more. Go buy the audiobook, and gather some starter tips...
Published 02/04/20
HOW to bring out your best self, and WHY it would benefit us to do so. Liz shares 4 things she's learned work for her, & examples to help you figure out your own “must-do’s” Why doing things JUST for you, specifically for the sake of feeling GOOD inside for a few brief moments (most days), has the power to revitalize your life.. Both the everyday mundane and your wildest, mf’in accomplishable dreams. Figure out YOUR recipe for functioning. Follow it mostly, and give yourself grace &...
Published 01/28/20
Liz shares tips on how to see people through a more neutral lens by imagining them being loved instead of as just a stranger. We talk about "phone dumps," communicating freely and truthfully, and how effective communication and supports breeds communication and support. Why we should show more love to one another, and how to do so from a place of compassion and love -- how it naturally leads to a reciprocation of the love we feel in return from friends and loved ones.
Published 01/21/20
Dee and Liz talk about natural progression of internal seasons; when we get what we’re supposed to from a winter/darkness, we CHOOSE to come out of it. How speaking authentically and being true to yourself is your therapy, how connecting with others can spark inspiration inside you, and how the way you act towards others is a reflection of your soul. We all have a voice that matters, and we all have to fight through fears and obstacles to show that vulnerable side of us, but how worth it it is.
Published 01/14/20
Self-love. In order to be truly, authentically happy, accept that you are imperfect. We all are. To love yourself and have real, genuine confidence, you've gotta believe you are worth taking care of... tell the truth enough to know you struggle, and are imperfect, and that's still totally fine. Check out ANY highlights on @lizwithoutapillow. Definitely go listen to Audrey Marcus Podcast #508 with Kamal Ravikant. Love yourself. Love others. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Forget. Learn. Forget.
Published 01/10/20
After an unannounced & necessary break from social, we're ready to start with big, vulnerable recognition of fears… by just getting on the court and facing it (see Episode 5). This is about short term plans and long term dreams; whatever you want to do or be, in whatever duration you’d like, it’s totally possible through consistency, grace, and fearlessness. Monthly Challenges noted from @danikabrysha’s #virtualbrunchseries - self-care checklist referenced in ep 26: Transformations and ep...
Published 01/07/20
Liz [opens up about darkness in this season and its effects] & Daniela, a Colombian mystic and energy healer recording from Sweden discuss that our emotional experience is our teacher. Intuition is not a feeling, but a knowing. It's a muscle, and the more we exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Accessing higher wisdom thru playfulness/curiosity rather than pressure/expectation. Meaning of femininity & spirituality - changing conversation to be more approachable for all....
Published 12/18/19
Josh and Liz discuss being introspective and the responsibility that comes with self-awareness. We can LEARN to operate in a different way, but it’s on us to search for that knowledge. Josh summarizes use of the “wellness toolbox” to individualize our healing and growth during times of difficulty. Making amends and what that entails. How time to reflect is imperative for the journey and self-reflection. Liz & Josh connect over trauma, taking responsibility, guilt, and gratitude....
Published 12/03/19
Natalie & Liz discuss getting aligned/learning enough about self to be intuitively guided. The scale of peacefulness going through experience. Standing in truth and articulating experience -- feeling into emotions, sitting with the emotions longer and showing up more genuinely. Natalie presents the significance of determining your own version of a higher power. Boundaries and conflict - ways to check in with self before making a choice, Choosing to be present in relationship and life....
Published 11/26/19
Navigating quarter-life and ways to use the changes and transitions during that time to guide you towards the adventures, creativity, failures and successes that you're suddenly drawn to. Embracing the fear and trusting yourself to do it anyway. The beauty of getting older and choosing yourself. Find Aly on Alybird.com and @thealybird
Published 11/19/19
Lot of cross-contamination between this & ep #15: Through Different Lenses. For the most part, people aren't going to be IRL exactly what you think they will (whether you know them online, at work, via text, from your past. When you ACCEPT that things are the way they are, and they aren’t the way they aren’t, it becomes easier to see them as not good, not bad, just reality, and then you can deal with, and maybe grow to LOVE and appreciate that reality - because you weren’t expecting...
Published 11/15/19
Discussion of fear & how it relates to our story. Fear can shape creativity, play, and vulnerability - but we can also exercise and stretch that narrative by giving self the time and space to explore, play and expand those borders. Having compassion requires practice to undo self-criticism; grace and a sense of humor + learning to share world with others = less shame/loneliness in the experience. References: hsperson.com; Podcast - "On Being" - The Drugs Inside Your Head. Follow on IG...
Published 11/12/19
Reframe words “skill” or “strength” into “gift” - sharing of your GIFTS is so crucial to quality of life, sense of purpose and our greater success on the planet. Where does your mind go when it wanders? Watch for patterns. Is intuition telling you to pay attention? Listen, then start showing up for life. Not sharing your gift is selfish. The world is an abundant place and we can all win. Reference: @danikabrysha “The Virtual Brunch Series” @AubreyMarcus podcast episode: The Only Constant
Published 11/08/19
Human connectedness as a result of us all living a fine line between dark and light, order and chaos. Our impact in being related to other humans - the butterfly effect. Externalizing problems instead of dealing with the internal battle (through actually facing the issue/problem). Our ability to create from the space of facing and resolving the issue. Cleaning up the matter creates an openness to deal effectively with the problems in our lives.
Published 11/05/19
This week we discuss the process of personal or professional transformation. How to gain support of those around you, how to not be stopped by criticism from others, and how to not take yourself too seriously. Your journey is YOUR journey, and it’s no one else’s job to understand or support you in it, but FULLY your responsibility to take care to garner respect, and support your own transformation. Humans are built for community though, so authentically express your claim and, and get support...
Published 11/01/19