Discussion of fear & how it relates to our story. Fear can shape creativity, play, and vulnerability - but we can also exercise and stretch that narrative by giving self the time and space to explore, play and expand those borders. Having compassion requires practice to undo self-criticism; grace and a sense of humor + learning to share world with others = less shame/loneliness in the experience. References: hsperson.com; Podcast - "On Being" - The Drugs Inside Your Head. Follow on IG...
Published 11/12/19
Reframe words “skill” or “strength” into “gift” - sharing of your GIFTS is so crucial to quality of life, sense of purpose and our greater success on the planet. Where does your mind go when it wanders? Watch for patterns. Is intuition telling you to pay attention? Listen, then start showing up for life. Not sharing your gift is selfish. The world is an abundant place and we can all win. Reference: @danikabrysha “The Virtual Brunch Series” @AubreyMarcus podcast episode: The Only Constant
Published 11/08/19
Human connectedness as a result of us all living a fine line between dark and light, order and chaos. Our impact in being related to other humans - the butterfly effect. Externalizing problems instead of dealing with the internal battle (through actually facing the issue/problem). Our ability to create from the space of facing and resolving the issue. Cleaning up the matter creates an openness to deal effectively with the problems in our lives.
Published 11/05/19
This week we discuss the process of personal or professional transformation. How to gain support of those around you, how to not be stopped by criticism from others, and how to not take yourself too seriously. Your journey is YOUR journey, and it’s no one else’s job to understand or support you in it, but FULLY your responsibility to take care to garner respect, and support your own transformation. Humans are built for community though, so authentically express your claim and, and get support...
Published 11/01/19
Liz shares abundance mantra from the Lizzy Jeff ep of Almost 30, & 10-yr plan from Nicole Lapin’s book Rich Bitch. Shifting language and thinking; the power of your word and declaring yourself. What we've gotten from work at Landmark, what breakdowns look like now and how we share them. Femininity & masculinity. Under the Skin Episodes 93 w/ Scarlett Curtis & Episode 94 w/ Elif Shafak. The dark and light sides of humanity and starting with the individual sharing his/her...
Published 10/29/19
Admitting weaknesses to learn. Asking questions instead of fearing looking dumb. Not connecting or engaging because we have no idea what’s going on. We learn better from your question, and have a better chance of remembering learned through an interaction Admitting shortcomings requires humility and vulnerability; courageous and admirable act. We are so much more creative at the level of group! Share your questions, share your thoughts; we will create a greater tomorrow in working together. 
Published 10/25/19
Of the many lessons learned in 2 months podcasting (4 months recording) you can’t edit people talking over one another. When we interrupt (1) it derails the convo. You don’t always get back to the train of thought, and if it was brilliant, it’s gone. (2) It says "what I have to say is more important than what you have to say." (3) You don't learn. We think we know how people will react/what they’ll say, but we don’t. If I am always speaking, I’m just recycling the thoughts already between my ear
Published 10/23/19
Floating in s**t water for too long gets comfortable - feels scarier to leave and head to an unknown future than to stay in the almost certain continuation of floating in s**t. How it’s hard to celebrate when there’s such guilt. The inauthenticity and breakdowns in communication that existed, how they ultimately led to my realization of discontent, and then finally that I didn’t have to stay if I didn’t want to. We all have a choice. It is usually not easy. But it’s your own responsibility.
Published 10/18/19
How online dating lends to cancel culture & ghosting. Access to many options for mates - er, dates - leaves us ineffectively communicating & creates unnecessary competition (even if we aren’t authentically interested, we want to “win” the date, & be more desired). Leaving us all dishonest, disinterested, distracted. Loneliness epidemic doesn’t have to end here though. How to use dating apps more effectively and be more authentic on dates and throughout life: Say YES & Don’t...
Published 10/18/19
Ali and Liz discuss using their schooling in unconventional and unanticipated ways. Ali opens up about her father’s recent death, a break up, and her struggle with depression throughout her youth and young adulthood. What we can do when we’re in that darkness and how important it is to ask yourself what you need and to honor whatever part of the journey you’re in  Find Ali on FB at Ali Macomber and IG @alimacomber
Published 10/15/19
Acknowledging my darkness/“winter” and sharing it for the first time (Lori Harder’s Earn Your Happy Podcast: Ep 430). The impact of negative self talk; small actionable behaviors to reshape the way you relate to environment. Plasticity of our brains. The Self-Care Checklist, starting day at %150 to prevent burnout (Danika Brysha’s Virtual Brunch Series; Brene Brown - the Power of Authenticity) - affirmations, meditation (10% Happier by Dan Harris), journaling.
Published 10/11/19
Liz has one of her college besties (/mentors) on to chat about her experience with the Tough Ruck as a new mom of 2. The challenges faced and overcome with the help and support of her husband and family, and how her own self care has been a gift as a result of the competition. Emma opens up about challenges of motherhood and the comparison trap, and the importance of a higher power and effectively working at communication to maintain strong and evolving relationships. Oh, and birth charts.
Published 10/08/19
Liz outlines some effective techniques for finding podcasts you don't even know you'd be interested in, names some favorites, and gives ideas for listening more intently to shows you already engage with. So many populations of humans don't listen to podcasts at all - not accessing information FREELY available to anyone with the internet. Podcast connoisseurs, help us reach those marginalized groups. Seriously. Let's open up the world to FREEDOM & CHOICE. Elevate the collective...
Published 10/04/19
Working at peer run suicide hotline, seeing through wider scope from parent’s careers. Brene Brown - feeling grateful for what you have, but perspective and recognition: you can have a good life and still have s**t days. The power of sharing your trauma. The expectation of disassociation with feelings in so many fields, for men (and women), first responders, military, etc. and a kind of disregard for the mental health factor on these people. Follow James on twitter and IG @stayfit4duty 
Published 10/02/19
Liz discusses how perspective shapes experience & how experience shapes our perspective.... The way we experience life is inherently clouded by life experiences. Our childhood selves shape our reality as adults. Example of relationship with dad as shaped by arguments as a kid ; Age 14 & impacted for over a decade, How today the perspective shifted after deciding not to have a s****y relationship anymore. Russell Brand’s Recovery; Werner Erhard of Landmark Forum; Distinction "Story"...
Published 09/27/19
Need to connect authentically & leaving a legacy. Ability to LEARN how to connect/relate. Communicating message powerfully by stepping into authentic self. Contact info: Kellsie Moore @kellsie_moore, founder of Be Marvelous You and www.camerareadyretreat.com! Find your superpower, follow curiosity, & don't let fear stop you. References: Lewis Howes the School of Greatness; . Rachel Hollis - Girl, Stop Apologizing. Podcasting Your Passion - @Jessicahurley_, Jen Pastiloff - On Being...
Published 09/24/19
Most people don’t actually want advice when they come to you for it. They are looking more for support, nonjudgment and acceptance. Trusting your instincts and making our own choices instead of asking for advice. As the advice-giver, asking good questions and having hard, honest conversations to connect more deeply with what the advice-asker is really in need of. Showing compassion and stepping into another person’s situation instead of rushing to problem-solve for them.
Published 09/20/19
Liz sits down with Joelle Samantha and discusses quitting her job as a health teacher and educating full time in a different way. Joelle talks about being an instagram/fitness personality and staying authentic to her own message. They discuss shareability through human connection and emotion (Reference: Aubrey Marcus Podcast Episode 218), & the power of vulnerably standing for your values and making change. Directly supporting people you know IRL. Boxing ourselves into labels. Follow on...
Published 09/17/19
Bringing together friends from different walks of life. The anxiety around first time being a guest, bringing a guest, or allowing unknown guests at your thing. Being hospitable and inviting of newness and strange. Having new conversations, seeing new perspectives and bringing new concepts to the table in your existing friends and relationships. remembering people’s names, and love through connecting with each other. Reference: Kwik Brain Podcast (I think episode 113 - Boost your Focus?!)
Published 09/13/19
This week we sit down with Jon Potts and talk white-kid suburbia, “takers,” & helping someone when you aren’t perfect yourself. Flipping cars, their failed intervention, and when Jon stopped disliking Liz. Caring about oneself first and the desire/ability to care for others. Exercise leading to having your best clarity. Martial arts & confidence. The need for women to walk confidently- Ronda Rousey’s “do-nothing-bitches” and the power of words. Not being afraid to look stupid. Follow...
Published 09/09/19
The concept of “just a box” is from Jen Pastiloff’s On Being Human; we intentionally downplay what we’re doing because we aren’t proud, or worse, because we’re ashamed. The progress paradox is in competition and the negative side of ambition; no matter what you get, you always want more. If you’re “just an actress, just a waitress, just in retail…” you shape the entire experience using a negative connotation, therefore altering the experience entirely.
Published 09/06/19
Summary on what has gone down in the first 7 eps and where we're headed. If anything has resonated with you so far along my journey, leave a review! Perfectionism & not doing because of fear of failing. Seeing the world differently. Less depression in Europe? What do you care about and how can you make a difference? You can’t outrun your problems. You can only BE YOURSELF and accept yourself. Resources: Melissa Hartwig-Urban’s Podcast Do The Thing: Procrastination vs. Striving for...
Published 09/03/19
Cristina and Liz discuss fears of being 1st person in business to step out of traditional role; Cris decides to start own Public Relations company. How believing in self & trusting abilities impacts confidence and drive during hustle season. Communicating fully with trust/respect, & having a support system are keys to success. Ups and downs of early days; how far she’s come in business + work relationships. Daughter’s birth deepening love for husband, family and biz. Find on IG:...
Published 09/03/19
Honestly you have to just listen to the episode. References: The Insight Timer App - 5 Minutes of Self Compassion Brene Brown - The Power of Vulnerability The School of Greatness Podcast with Guest Cal Newport - The Power of Digital Detox The Joe Rogan Experience - Episode 876 with Chris Bell
Published 08/30/19
Living life in the game vs. in the stands. In the stands/with the inner critic. Brene Brown calls it, “in the arena.” Living life fully, like a gladiator in the arena, is taking risks and being vulnerable. If you're in the stands, life will pass u by; judging, talking negatively, & keep yourself from making choices. Get on the court. Get present to the reality of NOW. Ref: The Landmark Forum - Werner Erhard; Daring Greatly - Brene Brown; On Being Human - Jen Pastiloff
Published 08/27/19