TEJTW Tour Birmingham! with Erin Moon (3) and Jamie Golden (7)
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The Enneagram Journey Toward Wholeness Tour '22 continues with Erin Moon (3) and Jamie Golden (7)! As someone who clearly listens to good podcasts, you probably already know Erin and Jamie from The Bible Binge or The Popcast, but if you don't, you'll get to know a lot about them today. Can we hack our Repressed Centers? What do you think the overlap is of ADHD and Enneagram Sevens? Which numbers catastrophize the most? Differences between 3s, 7s, and 8s? Does the OC still hold up? We're taking all that on and more in this episode. PLUG TIME 1 stop left on the Tour and we want you to be there with us! The Enneagram Journey Toward Wholeness November 11-12, Kansas City, MO Sign up today at lifeinthetrinityministry.com/tour22 The Enneagram Journey Podcast is produced by LTM and made possible by you the listener. Thank you for listening and for your financial support as we continue to provide quality enneagram teaching to the world. CLICK HERE to donate today. Today's Intro: Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec (Season 5: EP: 18 NBC Universal) The O.C. theme song (The Noise Complaints) Favored or Forsaken: The Enneagram (The Bible Binge podcast) Sarah Bragg (Episode 10 of TEJ Podcast)
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Thank you everyone who has joined us on The Enneagram Journey Toward Wholeness Tour '22, both in person at the recordings and from your home, car, work, the gym and on your walks. Today's episode is the final conversation from the tour, with Ryan and Suzanne Motter in Kansas City, MO. Ryan and...
Published 11/23/22
Published 11/23/22
The podcast hits the road for Charlotte, NC in today's episode, sitting down with homeschooling moms, Melissa (enneagram 9) and Alexiz (enneagram 1).  Like all of the Tour '22 podcasts, this episode is a little longer than our typical shows, but it is packed with great Q&A, enneagram...
Published 11/01/22