Why Industry Credentials are a Differentiator, with CEO Gene Guilford of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM).
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As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IHMM, Gene Guilford leads and supervises the daily operation of the Institute, its staff, and its strategic initiatives. We talk about his experience leading the organization, their mission, why industry credentials are a differentiator, and the various credential programs the IHMM offers to practicing professionals in the hazardous materials, health, safety, and dangerous goods communities of practice. We also learn how the IHMM is developing young professionals in college before they begin their careers through their Student credential programs. Thanks to our episode sponsors: Cascade Environmental and Terra Nova Solutions #credentials #environmentalconsulting #certifiedprofessional #continuingeducation #hazardousmaterials #safetyprofessional #dangerousgoods #environmentalcompliance
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