Learn what’s happening at this year’s 2021 Annual Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professional (AHMP) Conference with Chairwoman Rebecca Neal.
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The 2021 Annual Alliance of Hazardous Materials Professionals (AHMP) Conference is July 25-28, 2021. Rebecca (Becky) Neal is the Chair of the AHMP and talks about what you can expect from this year’s virtual conference.  Learn what informative topics you need to hear about, who is going to be presenting, how you can earn your continuing education units (CEUs) or continuous maintenance points (CMPs), and how to register for this exciting event. Also, if interest in obtaining your CHMM credential, the AHMP has the new testing blueprint covered and will prepare you for the CHMM exam. Thanks to our sponsors: IHMM, Cascade Environmental, Terra Nova Solutions #environmental #transformation #podcast #AHMP #compliance #training #futureenergy #climatechange #regulatory #riskmanagement #data #hazardousmaterials #hazardouswaste #wastemanagement
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