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But you’re also still attracted to the opposite sex, too? Are you sick of the double standard in the lifestyle - you know the one that expects bisexuality from women but seems to discourage it among men? Well, you are NOT alone; and we’ll prove it!!! In this week’s episode we will also explore the truth about male bisexuality in the lifestyle and we’ll challenge the hypocritical double standard in the “open-minded” lifestyle that seems to be applied in word only; since we KNOW folks are pushing the boundaries behind closed doors and in their bedrooms. We’ll respond to another on-topic listener question in Stump the Studs, and we’ll share some great tips and tricks to help you start exploring your own bisexuality or explore more successfully in the lifestyle in Trick of the Week.
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Would it surprise you to hear that some men go into monogamous relationships, knowing they're likely to cheat? Or, that a recent study suggests that young women are slightly more likely to cheat today than young men? Or that monogamy isn't the only option for a happy relationship? Whether these...
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