Published 06/03/23
In the climactic season finale, Evelyn discards her veneer as Trent is forced to confront the evil he invited in.
Published 06/03/23
As Evelyn's behavior becomes more erratic and possessive, Trent notices a chilling pattern in their relationship.
Published 05/29/23
Trent, a kind-hearted and humble trucker, has seemingly found the woman of his dreams, but all that glitters is not gold. See omny.fm/listener for privacy information.
Published 05/23/23
An even deeper dive into relics, saints, canonization, exorcism preparations, demonic hierarchies, and more. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 05/08/23
A special bonus sit down where Father Martins answers questions sent in by our loyal listeners.
Published 04/30/23
Father Martins battles Lena’s oppressor, and the power of relics is unveiled.
Published 04/24/23
Demonic forces exploit a young girls mental illness after a traumatic childhood wound.
Published 04/09/23
A family begins to experience strange and violent disturbances in their home, forcing them to finally confront their past.
Published 03/27/23
The lives of six friends begin to unravel after a fateful encounter with a Ouija board.
Published 03/14/23
When six friends gather for a game night, they end up with one more guest than they bargained for.
Published 03/06/23
A priest, a psychiatrist and a neuroscientist share first hand accounts of their own encounters with darkness.
Published 02/27/23
Three questions. Three encounters. Father Martins reveals the diabolical nature of demons.
Published 02/21/23
A firefighter demoniac must finally confront the evil he has long harbored, and engage in a fierce exorcism.
Published 02/13/23
A young firefighter facing spells of uncontrolled rage and sporadic blackouts realizes an evil from his past is slowly consuming him.
Published 02/05/23
With Cheryl’s behavior becoming increasingly erratic, Mark struggles with what to do, ultimately seeking assistance from an unlikely neighbor. Father Martins arrives on the scene to determine if the battle is one of the mind or ultimately spiritual in nature.
Published 01/26/23
Mark and Cheryl were just a young couple trying to start a family. Unfortunately for them, a desperate attempt to solicit help from a mysterious source would inadvertently open the door to an unwanted visitor. *Note all cases are based on first hand accounts of Father Carlos Martins. Names, places and details have been altered to protect the identity of the victims involved.
Published 01/25/23
For years the Catholic Church has relied on Father Carlos Martins for some of the most disturbing incidents of demonic possession. These are his case files.
Published 01/13/23
See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Published 07/19/22