Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza – Part 4 - The Final Missions
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In the conclusion of our series, Brazza spends more than a decade as an administrator in Africa. He will then return to the Congo one final time, in 1905, to investigate the accusations of abuses against the native peoples. Website: https://explorerspodcast.com/brazza/ Map: https://explorerspodcast.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/ogowe5.png People and Places Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza - Born in Italy, but educated in France. Would join the French navy, and become interested in exploring Africa. Ogowe River (often spelled Ogooué or Ogoway) - River in central Africa that Brazza would explore. Congo River - River in central Africa. Livingstone Falls - 220 mile stretch on the Congo filled with rapids and waterfalls. Impassable for most river craft. Malamine Camara - Senegalese marine who would be Brazza's most trusted and capable comrade. Noël Ballay - Doctor on Brazza's first and second expedition to Africa. Charles de Chavannes - Friend and colleague of Brazza's in Africa. Thérèse de Chambrun - Wife of Brazza. Libreville - French outpost in what is modern-day Gabon. Francheville - Outpost established by Brazza at the confluence of the Ogowe and Passa rivers. Brazzaville - Outpost established by Brazza at the top of Livingstone Falls. Opposite the city of Leopoldville (now Kinshasha). Alima River - Tributary of the Congo. Controlled by the Bobangi people. Passa River - Tributary of the Ogowe. Location of Francheville. King Leopold II of Belgium - Monarch who wanted to take control of the Congo basin. Henry Morton Stanley - African explorer and journalist. Had crossed the continent and mapped the Congo River. Makoko - Important Bateke chief who would sign treaty with Brazza. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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