How This Breath Technique And Tongue Exercise Could Improve Your Face Structure And Teeth Health: With Dr Steven Lin
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Do you mouth breathe? Do you have crooked or discoloured teeth? Have you noticed your lower face is weak or not as developed as you like? Do you feel stressed? We delve into the solutions to all this in this episode with Dr. Steven Lin. Dr. Lin is a world-leading functional dentist, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author who is a passionate preventative whole health advocate. In this episode we talk about: How and why our facial shape and teeth have changed over the generations The importance of food for our teeth health and facial structure Why nasal breathing is essential in the day and at night How stress affects our face and teeth The importance of tongue posture Tongue exercises for adults and children Dr. Lin's favourite wellness ritual You can contact Dr. Lin via his website and Instagram @drstevenlin I am excited to announce the launch of my brand new accredited Facial Gua Sha Teacher Training course with Hay'ou which fully certifies you to teach Gua Sha here. You can also pre order my new book, The Face Yoga Journal here: Useful links: Teacher Training Courses My Website My Blog My Apps My Book My Audio Book Face Yoga Sessions My Shop Follow me on social: Instagram: @faceyogaexpert Facebook: The Face Yoga Expert Twitter: @faceyogaexpert YouTube: The Face Yoga Expert Linkedin: Danielle Collins Pinterest: faceyogaexpert TikTok: faceyogaexpert
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