416. How I Keep Things Going
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I often get asked how I keep balance in my life or how I deal with certain situations and today I am diving deeper into it!  It is always my goal to be transparent about my life so that I can encourage other women and offer support.  Learn more about the 6 Month Program: https://drbethwestie.com/fhs-waitlist/
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It might sound a little weird to consider stop being nice. Being overly nice or accomodating or trying to please people can result in not caring for your own needs or boundaries. I am not saying that you should just start being mean, but rather make sure you are not sacrificing your mental,...
Published 06/23/22
Diana is the CEO of Fan Your Flame LLC, a financial literacy coach, and your best financial friend. She is passionately committed to guiding entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to achieve a wide variety of financial goals. Diana utilizes pioneering methods rooted in practical financial...
Published 06/20/22