Intermission - 'Happy Hour' Barricade Story with Oyster
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A discussion with one of only two pilots to ever barricade a stricken F/A-18 Hornet aboard an aircraft carrier at sea, and the only one to do so at night. Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
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A discussion with two former F-14 pilots who were instrumental in the filming and storyline development of the 1986 blockbuster, 'Top Gun.' Support this podcast at — Advertising Inquiries:
Published 05/25/22
Captain Andy "Grand" Mariner rejoins the show five years after episode 7 to update us on his career and the Navy Fighter Weapons School since the retirement of the F/A-18A-D Hornet and the addition of the F-35 Lightning II. Support this podcast at —...
Published 05/20/22
Published 05/20/22