Migrants for Export
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Begins discussion of Professor Rodriguez's book, Migrants for Export. The text examines why and how the Philippines has emerged as the largest labor-exporting country in the world. Corresponds to readings for weeks 6 and 7 under the topic of "How did we get everywhere and what our experiences?"
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Lecture on the International Hotel Struggle. Corresponds with Weeks 8 and 9 reading.
Published 03/13/12
This lecture starts with a guest presentation by Angelica Cabande, Organizational Director of the South of Market Action Network (SOMCAN) who discusses current issues of gentrification facing Filipino communities in San Francisco. Prof. Rodriguez then transitions to a discussion of "cultural...
Published 03/08/12
Discusses contemporary transnational Filipino migrant activism. The lecture connects to the discussion of Professor Rodriguez's text Migrants for Export. While the text (and lecture) looked at why and how Filipino migrants have become the world's workers, this lecture examines the kinds of...
Published 02/23/12