#034 - Fred North, Helicopter Stunt Pilot with over 300 movie credits and 21,000 total flying hours
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We have been counting down the seconds to the release of this episode. We are thrilled to welcome the man, the myth, the legend, Fred North, to The FilmUp Podcast. Fred is the go-to Helicopter Stunt Pilot in the film industry and has worked on almost every action blockbuster movie you can think of. He has worked with critically acclaimed directors including Michael Bay, Christopher Nolan, Damian Chazelle, and many more. With over 300 movie credits and 21,000 total flying hours, he still has perfect safety records. He also holds the World Record for Altitude with a Helicopter, which he accomplished in South Africa in March of 2002. Come join us for a thrilling and exclusive interview with one of the best helicopter stunt pilots in the world. Fred is a supporter of the Helicopter Foundation International, a non-profit that is dedicated to educating future generations of helicopter professionals through its scholarship and mentoring programs. So he is dedicating this episode to their organization. You can learn more by going to HelicopterFoundation.org. --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/thefilmuppodcast/support
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