13. Dealing With Setbacks And Sharing The Love For Flying With MyPilotPro Founder Marshall Baker
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Sharing the beauty of flying, that’s a big part of why I started my YouTUbe channel and my guest today Marshall Baker created his product and company around just that, sharing the love for flying.  Early on in his aviation journey, when training for his private certificate, Marshall realized he wanted to show his family and friends what flying looks like, feels like, really give that birds eye view. From that desire to share, the product  my pilot pro was born.  I am really happy he is a guest here on the show to share his story. Going from stock broker to entrepreneur all because of a love for flight and sharing that with the world. His story is one of perseverance and of not giving up. I really hope that this will inspire you to keep going on your aviation journey as well! We'd love to hear from you, let's have a conversation. Would you be interested in filming your flights? If so, why… or maybe if you don’t, why not? Head on over to Flygoodaviation.com and leave your thoughts in the comments. MyPilotPro GoPro mounts that I use: MyPilotPro GoPro Airplane Mount: https://mypilotpro.com/product/mypilotpro-gopro-airplane-mount/?wpam_id=15 MyPilotPro Swivel Mount: https://mypilotpro.com/product/mypilotpro-swivel/?wpam_id=15 MyPilotPro has more products for example GoPro mounts for helicopters as well. Find the link to their complete catalogue here: MyPilotPro Shop: https://mypilotpro.com/shop/?wpam_id=15​ (These are affiliate links and by purchasing through them you will support the channel at no cost to you.)
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