CJ Ransom from Sports Interactive joins us to tell us how to delve into the dark arts and make your side a real pain to play against. Our new Community Challenge managing Sunderland AFC continues to run amok in the Football Manager community. What have we done… Sunderland also continues to dominate your letters... Plus there’s the Bundesliga Challenge and Alex Stewart from the TIFO Football Podcast has had a bit of a rally.
Published 07/21/21
We’re back with a brand new season AND we’re a full time, weekly pod from now on! Tom Davidson from Sports Interactive joins us to tell us how the Football Manager team are winding down at the end of the FM21 season and preparing for FM22.  We’ve got a new challenge for you, and boy is it a tough one! To get the inside scoop on our new Community Challenge managing Sunderland AFC is Connor Bromley from Sunderland pod The Roker Report.  Your letters also have a very heavy Sunderland...
Published 07/14/21
Listener! Have you ever wanted to win a Nintendo Switch for playing Football Manager? Well now's your chance! All you have to do is join Iain Macintosh, Alex McLeish, and Tom Davidson at this event here Plus we catch up with Alex Stewart in the FM Bundesliga Challenge
Published 05/20/21
Iain Macintosh is back for one last time in this series to take you through the top ten things he's learnt, and you've learnt, so that you are set to take your save to the very next level. And remember, everything is connected to everything. We also have your letters, and the final part of the FM Bundesliga Challenge - did Alex Stewart survive? Join The Athletic here
Published 04/07/21
Iain is here to remind you that training is very very important. And with the help of Dom Baker of SI they will help you level up off the pitch so you can blow your opponents away on the pitch. Plus there's your letters including one extremely helpful one which you can find out more about here and in the FM Community Centre you can find out about the glorious Aswijan here And of course you can get yourself an Athletic subscription here
Published 03/31/21
This week we take a deep dive on youth development. How do you build an assembly line of talented young newgens, how do you develop them, when’s the right time to play them? Find out how to make your own Class of 92 on this show. Plus Bugsy's in the Book Club, the hardest ever FM challenge - no not the Bundesliga one, but also we are talking the FM Bundesliga Challenge, and we answer your letters.
Published 03/24/21
On today’s show: Are you a serial Football Manager failure? This show is for you. `We're going to strip it all down and tell you exactly what you need to know so that you've already had your last rage quit. Plus we answer the question of how to manage an amateur team, we delve into stats in the Community Centre and we bring back Alex Stewart to the Bundesliga Challenge.
Published 03/17/21
On today’s show Jack Joyce from Sports Interactive talks us through set pieces, and speaking of pieces that's what happened to Iain's heart when Jack dropped some devastating news. We go back to the 1985/86 season with the Mad Scientist's exquisite moddery. We’ve got some absolutely vicious gloating in the letters section. And Gary Neville takes centre stage in the Book Club.
Published 03/10/21
This week we're heading into the abyss, into the unknown, into season 371 of Football Manager where it's newgens and floating stadia (that last part may not be true). But it is filled with newgens so we find out about them. We hear the story of the legend that is Ivica Strok with Jonny Sharples, we put our feet up with Latte Quarterly, and as ever we answer your questions. To take part in our survey click here To become an Athletic subscriber click here
Published 03/03/21
Iain Macintosh is here to share in the joy that is the FM21 Update, and more importantly get those at SI to tell you all about it. There's also all your letters answered, well some of them at least, the book club is back, and there's a very important community centre too. Plus Alex Stewart returns for the Bundesliga challenge. To take part in our survey click here To help FM Greeno's fund raiser click here To become an Athletic subscriber click here
Published 02/24/21
This week: why press when you can caress? Your guide to playing sexy football. We’ve got your letters including, “How much database is too much database. We're heading to Bordavia to find out what that's all about. And there's Alex Stewart and the continuation of the FM Challenge.
Published 02/17/21
This week: what do you do when it all goes wrong? Tom Davidson from SI is here to answer those burning questions and help you keep your head up, and importantly, your job. There's that plus Terry Venables stars... in book club, we have the community centre open, and the latest in the FM Bundesliga Challenge.
Published 02/10/21
This week the gegenpresse. How does it work in FM? How do you work on it in training? And where are you possibly going wrong with it? SI's Jack Joyce is here to answer those questions, and more about the much utilised tactic. Plus we open up the Football Manager Community Centre, the book club returns, and we answer your letters. And there's the FM Bundesliga Challenge as Iain takes on Tifo's Alex Stewart Check out theathletic.com/fmpod for a special subscription deal!
Published 02/03/21
We've talked plenty about first seasons on this show, but what about second seasons? What do you do in the summer? Do you frantically slap the continue button until the games start again? Or do you go and watch international tournaments? We're joined by Alex Stewart from TIFO for the final show of the first series. Want a great deal on a subscription to The Athletic? Click here: theathletic.com/fmpod
Published 01/28/21
Is FM21 too big for you? Do you look on from the sidelines as everyone else piles in; too scared to let it back into your life? Perhaps FM Touch or FM Mobile are for you. Iain Macintosh chats to Alex Pitt from Sports Interactive about the compact, less time-consuming versions of the game.  PLUS, Ben Mouncer from the Norwich City flavoured 'On The Ball' podcast talks about the six player online game he started in March 2020.  PLUS, Your letters and a Big Sam Special Book Club.  Listen now,...
Published 01/19/21
It's one thing to have a tactical plan, it's another thing to have good, but how do you make it all come together on the pitch? Host Iain Macintosh chats to Sports Interactive's CJ Ramson about player traits (these are really important), interlocking player roles (this is where the magic happens) and set pieces (never overlook them!). If you're struggling with FM, you NEED this episode.   Check out theathletic.com/fmpod for a special subscription deal!
Published 01/12/21
Can our experts* guide Marine FC to victory over Tottenham Hotspur in a one-off FM Touch clash? Erm...what do you think? Join host Iain Macintosh and his guests Alex Stewart (TIFO) and Andrew Sinclair (Sports Interactive) for the most challenging of challenges. Share in the misery then stick around for Book Club and a bumper selection of your questions.  Huge thanks to Producer Cornelius Mendez and commentator Matt Davies-Adams for bringing this to life in all its haunting glory.   * - I...
Published 01/06/21
How do YOU play Football Manager? TIFO's Alex Stewart chats to Iain Macintosh about his experiences with the game, his preferred tactics, the way he uses data in recruitment and the importance of not buying anyone in the first transfer window.  Apologies for sub-par sound quality. Alex sounds great. Iain sounds like he got locked in his toilet. Fortunately, Alex does most of the talking.  Want a good deal on a subscription? Check out theathletic.com/fmpod to see what's on offer.
Published 12/31/20
Football Manager isn't just a solitary battle of man against machine, fought in the early hours of the morning. You can play online against humans too. Sports Interactive's Neil Brock chats to Iain Macintosh about Versus Mode, Fantasy Draft and the dream ticket of diving into a full campaign with friends.
Published 12/22/20
You've had a few weeks with your players now and you've realised something: They're all rubbish. You need to hit the transfer market and fast. Host Iain Macintosh chats to Andrew Sinclair from Sports Interactive about the art of recruitment. Listen now and learn how to use your scouts properly.  Subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code theathletic.com/fmpod and get a very special offer!
Published 12/15/20
Enjoying Football Manager? Still squinting at the training page and wondering what it all means? You NEED this episode. Host Iain Macintosh chats to Sports Interactive's Tom Davidson about training, coaches, set pieces and your slim hopes of turning that feckless 17 year old with a positioning of '1' into an England international. You can subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code theathletic.com/fmpod and get yourself a very special deal.
Published 12/08/20
Football Manager 2021 has been out for a week, long enough for all of our first saves to have crashed and burned. What went wrong? Well, it's probably the tactics. Tactics in FM are so important...and so easy to get wrong. Iain Macintosh speaks to SI's CJ Ramson and Nick Madden to find out more about exploiting space and not getting beaten on the transitions. You can subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code theathletic.com/fmpod and, until December 4, 2021, take advantage of a special...
Published 12/01/20
Football Manager 2021 is out now and, for millions of players, it's time to start a new game. So where should you start? With yourself, of course. Host Iain Macintosh chats to Sports Interactive's Dominic Baker about YOU. What sort of manager are you? How does your behaviour impact the game around you? Because the game is always watching.... You can subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code theathletic.com/fmpod and take advantage of a special price of just £1 a week. That's £1 a week for...
Published 11/23/20
The beta version of Football Manager 2021 is live, so what's changed? Well, there's no more taking your star player off if he drops under 71%, that's for starters. It's all brightly coloured hearts now. And well, why not? After all, can Jurgen Klopp tell you when his players drop to 71% during the game? No, he cannot. Iain Macintosh chats to SI's features producer Stephen Davidson about all the new stuff and what it all means. You can subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code...
Published 11/18/20
The beta version of Football Manager 2021 is live and there's no better way to start this new series than by sitting down with Miles Jacobson, studio director of Sports Interactive, for a wide-ranging chat about the game, its evolution, its challenges and how seriously certain people in football take their ratings... You can subscribe to The Athletic with the promo code theathletic.com/fmpod and take advantage of a special price of just £1 a week. That's £1 a week for the best sports writing...
Published 11/12/20