FL141: COVID-19 and Freedom Today
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In this episode, Kevin discusses his move from Chiang Mai, Thailand to Austin, Texas and his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. He also talks about his story, freedom in America, and some of his predictions. I hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode! Topics discussed : * Time zones* Austin, Texas* Coronavirus starts heating up* How Work Hero has succeeded during these times* Moving into a luxury condo in Central Texas* Turning things around and making things work despite the stress and panic  * Freedom in America and what has transpired in the COVID-19 era* The future (and present) of travel* Project going on in Saipan and Northern Mariana Islands And more! Links AirbnbCryptoFrontierFree Talk LiveWork HeroKevin’s Email Address: kevin@freedomlovin.com Follow Freedom Lovin ‘:  FacebookTwitter Join our Facebook Group: Freedom Lovin ‘Quest Facebook Group Please give us a rating & review on iTunes!Freedom Lovin ‘on iTunes
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