FL145: The State of Travel and Digital Nomadism in 2020
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In this episode, Kevin discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of travel in 2020. He also shared his thoughts on the viability of digital nomadism in today’s current environment. Topics discussed : * Houston, do we have a problem?* COVID-19 cases in Texas * On the idea of going into lockdown again* Diseases that are more dangerous than COVID-19* Countries that Americans are banned from* What summer looks like in 2020* On maintaining lockdown for travelers * Countries that are not on lockdown * Focusing on the positive* What he is working on right now And more! Link Work HeroLatest blog post on building Work Hero: The Ups and Downs of Gaining Traction Follow Freedom Lovin ‘:  FacebookTwitter Join our Facebook Group: Freedom Lovin ‘Quest Facebook Group Please give us a rating & review on iTunes!Freedom Lovin ‘on iTunes
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