FL146: Who Am I to Change The World? With Angel Robinson
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In this episode, Kevin talks with Angel Robinson. Angel is an organier for Anarchapulco and Future Frontiers and the vice president of marketing at Flote. She is also the co-host of The Conversations in Anarchy series and a dream-caster at Civil X. Topics discussed : * Angel’s background and how she came to where she is now* Her biggest shift* On sharing information that changes other people’s perspectives* How Texas deals with COVID-19* Individual perception vs collective * How she got involved with Flote * What the Flote App is * What makes Flote different from other socials* How to change the world without politics* Video game she’s working on – Civil X* When it will be ready to go * Amazing features of Flote And more! Links Work Hero Anarchast Show Flote App How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide By James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian LinkedIn Rich Dad Poor Dad CASHFLOW Game Follow Freedom Lovin ‘:  FacebookTwitter Join our Facebook Group: Freedom Lovin ‘Quest Facebook Group Please give us a rating & review on iTunes!Freedom Lovin ‘on iTunes
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