FL152: The Social Dilemma Review
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In this episode, I discuss the new documentary on Netflix called “The Social Dilemma.” I also get into fasting and what I’m up to. Listen in and enjoy! Topics discussed : * Intermittent fasting * Upcoming election * Travel plans* How things have changed in terms of mental health and businesses because of COVID-19* Writing a book and rebranding Freedom Lovin’ * The Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma”* In person and vs social media * Avoiding the phone  * Solutions* Apps that manipulate  * Acknowledging the root cause of people’s addiction to social media* Why we are living in the best of times * Having a balance of digital and analog* The positive side of apps* Ways that we can develop helpful apps And more! Links : * Joe Rogan Podcast with David Blaine* “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix* FL110: Chris Reynolds on Building Location Independent Businesses and Building Tribes* Meetup Follow Freedom Lovin ‘:  FacebookTwitter Join our Facebook Group: Freedom Lovin ‘Quest Facebook Group Please give us a rating & review on iTunes!Freedom Lovin ‘on iTunes
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