In this episode, Kevin talks about where he’s been, what’s been going on, and the decision he made in April […]
Published 07/17/19
In this episode, you’ll hear Kevin being interviewed in the Nathan Fraser Show. They talked about his background, his businesses, […]
Published 03/05/19
In this episode, Kevin interviews Sean Marshall. In 2010, Sean started his own digital marketing agency to pay for his desired […]
Published 12/19/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Kayla Kurin, a digital nomad who travels around the globe, runs a yoga business, writes, and […]
Published 12/13/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Jordan Baker, a personal productivity expert and the creator of Focuster. Focuster is an auto scheduling […]
Published 11/21/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Tom Casano. Tom grew up in Long Island, New York and worked full-time as an […]
Published 11/13/18
In this episode, Kevin talks with Gülin DeVincentiis, a world traveler who has done 3 round-the-world trips. Having been a […]
Published 11/06/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Nate Broughton of Opt Out Life. Nate is an Internet marketing veteran of 17 years who […]
Published 10/11/18
In today’s episode, Kevin does a curation show with clips from 3 different podcasts and talked about each of the […]
Published 09/26/18
In today’s episode, Kevin talks about his journey in Romania (where he learned about the 1989 Romanian revolution), his experiences […]
Published 08/31/18
Today’s guest is Dan Taylor of AppsEvents and EventsFrame. Dan is a tech entrepreneur who has co-founded and sold two […]
Published 08/08/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Stuart Jones, the founder of Coworkation and the co-founder of Freedom X Fest. Coworkation is […]
Published 08/02/18
In this episode of Freedom Lovin’ Podcast, Kevin talks about his experiences in New York City where he has been […]
Published 07/26/18
Listen to the podcast to hear more about my experiences visiting Bali. It had been 6 years since I went […]
Published 07/08/18
Listen to the podcast to hear more about my experiences visiting the Philippines. I woke up from my flight with […]
Published 06/21/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Belinda Ellsworth. Belinda has been a speaker and trainer for the direct sales industry for […]
Published 06/12/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Daniel Carbonel. Daniel grew up poor, dropped out of college to support his family. His life […]
Published 06/06/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Kimi and Pua from Best Life Ever. They are two ladies who followed their calling, ditched […]
Published 05/24/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Myles and Karen from Motoroaming.com. They are a fun loving couple who sold up, packed in […]
Published 05/15/18
In this episode, Kevin discusses the upcoming Libertopia event in San Diego, and the idea of “Living as if it’s […]
Published 04/20/18
In this episode, Kevin discusses his experience living in a co-living/co-working house in Hawaii, and interviews Dan Pierson. Dan is […]
Published 04/12/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Nathan Fraser. Nathan is a copywriter, marketing guy and all around entrepreneur. He explains to […]
Published 04/04/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Matt And Marilyn, a twenty-something American couple who love long-term traveling. Matt and Marilyn decided […]
Published 03/26/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Chris Reynolds. Chris is a digital nomad who started the Entrepreneur House project. It is […]
Published 03/20/18
In this episode, Kevin interviews Liam Martin, Co-Founder of Time Doctor & Staff.com. Liam began building a web-based tutoring business […]
Published 03/13/18