The Power of Positive Thinking and Mindset Shifts with Scott Tatum
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When I first stumbled upon Scott using TikTok last year, I was instantly hooked. His videos are not only authentic and captivating, but they are also profoundly true takes on mindset, positive thinking, and changing your reality. Scott is living proof you can completely change your life if you choose to start thinking differently. This is an amazing episode for anyone struggling with being more positive, getting over past criticisms, and working through traumas. I would say 95% of being a successful freelancer starts in your mind! To follow Scott on TikTok, visit: Want to join a community of freelancers? Receive free feedback on your Fiverr gigs and services? Join my group "Freelancing Mentorship with Alexandra Fasulo:" Alexandra Fasulo 'the Freelance Fairy' is a Fiverr millionaire, Fiverr PRO copywriter, and host of the Freelance Fairytales podcast. She is a recognized gig economist, CNBC Make It financial independence success story, and mentor to millions of people looking to break into freelancing. Alex's website: Follow Alex on TikTok: Follow Alex on Instagram: To learn more about turning any side hustle into a 6-figure business, visit:
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