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Billy & Dom talk about how to troll your friends while watching LOTR, the various Canadian provinces, the new Elder Scrolls/Skyrim co-op mode, and then have Lazy Game Reviews' Clint Basinger on to talk about his passion for all things vintage games and computers. Clint Basinger is the guy behind Lazy Game Reviews, a YouTube show that began in 2009 dedicated to revisiting retro technology and the history of computing. If it has a microprocessor, a keyboard, and comes in beige or woodgrain, chances are it'll be "an LGR Thing" at some point.Check below for other LIVE Friendship Onion recordings!Boston (August 12th)Toronto (August 26th) Get your Friendship Onion merchandise at! Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes and please be sure to rate, subscribe, and leave a comment/review! And be sure to follow and add your favorite funky jams to our Spotify playlist "The Friendship Onion." Feel free to leave Billy and Dom a message with your comments, questions, or just to say hello at or write us an email at [email protected] TFO's IG - @thefriendshiponion Billy's IG - @boydbilly Dom's IG - @dom_monaghan_LGR TwitterLGR WebsiteProduced by Jon Cvack - IG: @jcvackGo to for a FREE fourteen-day trial and get full access to Shopify’s entire suite of features.Use our link today and get an extra three months free on a one-year package. See for privacy information.
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