Return of The Rant-man
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In this episode, Robert talks about some current news stories floating around the internet, He discusses the UK’s charging infrastructure on target for 2030, Lithium exports from Australian, new Toyota Evs and there’s a particular amazing rant about an article claiming that heavy electric cars going to make old weather worn multi-story car parks collapse. Hmmm, Robert doesn’t quite agree. Largely because on the whole, they are significantly lighter!    
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Published 09/18/23
Bondi Energy retrofits multifamily and commercial buildings with heat pumps and other energy-efficiency equipment and is passionate about affecting positive change in the environment through energy-efficiency projects, co-founded by Belinda Gilbey and Aaron Graben. They are both based in Toronto,...
Published 09/18/23
Emily Pontecorvo is an accomplished American journalist renowned for her expertise in environmental reporting and sustainable energy. She also holds a Masters in Science Writing from MIT. Emily is a staff writer at Heatmap News. Previously she was a staff writer at the nonprofit climate...
Published 09/11/23