#145: Harry James - Live Real Be Real
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#145: Harry James - Live Real Be Real On this episode Gary chats with Harry James, a serial entrepreneur for over 37 years! Restaurants, real estate investing both commercial and residential, financial advisor, real estate development, have led to great successes and great failures, learning along the way. These experiences lead to bouts of anxiety and Harry shares how he was able to overcome this and how it led to living an authentic life designed by intention. This ACTION-PACKED podcast is not to be missed! WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The success from total mindset makeover Just lock up the deal - take action Take risks, lean in Get coaching You need to determine what your dreams are, what your goals are Live an authentic life Why the banking system is rigged Don’t chase the money, enjoy family and friends Life is not a dress rehearsal Everybody dies, but not everybody lives You don’t need to see the whole path, just the next few steps Real estate is not easy - some people try to say it is It must be a business Is now the best time to invest in real estate If you had only $500 left, invest it in yourself! And MORE! Harry’s Bio I am a small entrepreneur; I have been my whole life. From shovelling driveways and starting newspaper routes, to selling pots and pans door-to-door, I have always been driven to create my own thing. I graduated from high school and started working full time at 18. I’ve done all my education part-time and found the lack of information to be an asset, not a liability. Today I would argue that information overload is creating a significant state of inertia in all walks of life. Frankly, if I had known what I was getting myself into half of the time I probably would have turned and ran the other way. But when failing isn’t an option you reach down; you demand more of yourself, somehow making it work. Thankfully I did, and still do. Most importantly, I’ve been helped and given great advice over the course of the journey from too many people to mention. I’ve learned from their wisdom and avoided some pain because they went first, and for that I am forever grateful. The purpose of this site is to encourage you, and to let you know that things aren’t always how they appear. The only thing separating you from anyone else that you may admire, is: a decision, some risk, some time, and perseverance. Know that everything you want in this lifetime is just as much in your reach. At a very early age I was told not to take it all too seriously, smell the roses, love, laugh and always put things in perspective. I encourage you to adopt the same philosophy. Go for it, and just one more thing… attitude is still everything! Website/contact info for guest Insta harryjameslivereal Website www.liverealfactory.com or https://harryjamesenterprises.com/ Phone 416-906-5000 This episode proudly sponsored by BM Select - https://bmselect.ca Are you looking to become a millionaire through real estate investing? Then BM Select is for you! BM Select has helped more people become millionaires over the past 15 years than ANY OTHER mortgage broker in Canada! BM Select focuses on working with Real Estate Investors who are looking to begin or expand their portfolio, as well as specializing in working with customers that are engaged with our host of Realtor contacts across Canada. At BM Select we offer strategic mortgage solutions with dedicated Agent Support along with leading-edge Underwriting and Fulfillment Services that allow you to sleep well knowing your mortgage transactions are being handled by top quality professionals.   Real Estate Investment Club visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca Gary's mentorship program visit https://garyhibbert.ca Start your own Podcast visit https://www.podcastexperts.ca
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