#156: Dr. Sandra Miranda - Feeling Like You Again
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#156: Dr. Sandra Miranda - Feeling Like You Again On this episode Gary chats with friend and Ajax-based personal naturopathic doctor, Sandra Miranda. Dr. Miranda has been helping people for over 20 years, including Gary, with many natural remedies as a natural alternative.  Gary is not against modern medicine, but when someone like Dr. Miranda can help you with natural methods, why not? This is a deep dive into the body and how to align it for optimum performance! Another informative and enlightening do-not-miss-it podcast! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN:   The services Dr. Miranda offers How to be nutritionally and hormonally balanced How she helped Gary *without* medication What does it mean to "detox" The role of the immune system Testing for food sensitivity What live blood cells and how Dr. Miranda uses them What is "leaky gut" Yeast overgrowth and how you know if it's happening in your body The difference between and alkaline and acidic body The benefits of probiotics What happens to your body when cells die Multivitamins - yes or no? Intermittent fasting - the key to clarity and performance How much water should you drink daily And MORE! Dr. Miranda's Bio   Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND is one of the leading Naturopathic Doctors in the Durham Region.   She is also the founder of Miranda Naturopathic Clinic located in Ajax ON. She has been a Naturopathic Doctor for over 20 years helping patients become nutritionally and hormonally balanced naturally without the use of any medication. Her passion for promoting wellness with functional medicine started at a young age when she herself experienced some health problems. Dr. Sandra Miranda, ND has a special interest in treating hormonal imbalances, thyroid deficiencies, weight loss, detoxification, fatigue, stress management, and digestive complaints. In addition, she has had regular TV and radio appearances as a natural health expert. Some of her extra specialized training with certifications include: Certificate on Advanced Endocrinology from the Metabolic Medical Institute (currently working on) FirstLine Therapy Provider (2011) providing an exceptional method of improving body composition, reducing inflammation and decreasing risks for degenerative and chronic disease. Colon Therapy (2006) from Canadian Natural Health and Healing Centre Parenteral Therapy, BDDT-N (2003) to offer IV and intramuscular vitamin injections. Website/contact info for guest: Web: www.drsandramirandand.com/events Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mynaturalclinic This episode proudly sponsored by BM Select - https://bmselect.ca Are you looking to become a millionaire through real estate investing? Then BM Select is for you! BM Select has helped more people become millionaires over the past 15 years than ANY OTHER mortgage brokerage in Canada! BM Select focuses on working with Real Estate Investors who are looking to begin or expand their portfolio, as well as specializing in working with customers that are engaged with our host of Realtor contacts across Canada. At BM Select we offer strategic mortgage solutions with dedicated Agent Support along with leading-edge Underwriting and Fulfillment Services that allow you to sleep well knowing your mortgage transactions are being handled by top quality professionals. To find out more, visit the website or email https://bmselect.ca Other Links: Private Investing, visit https://deep-pockets.ca Real Estate Investment Club visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca Gary's mentorship program visit https://garyhibbert.ca Start your own Podcast visit https://www.podcastexperts.ca Tags:  #realestateincanada, #realestatecanada, 
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