#157 : Rob Break & Sandy MacKay - Breakthrough To The Life You Want To Live
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#157 : Rob Break & Sandy MacKay - Breakthrough To The Life You Want To Live On this episode Gary chats with friends and hosts of the #1 real estate podcast in Canada “The Breakthrough Real Estate Investing Podcast”, with Rob Break & Sandy MacKay. Gary was one of their first guests many years ago, and they’ve come so far since then! They dive into how they got their starts in real estate investing through wholesaling, how they used to attend Gary’s events when he was starting out, what they’ve learned from interviewing hundreds of investors, why giving back is important and so much more! WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How to deal with the fear of leaving your full time job The importance of setting systems up as an entrepreneur How to schedule your day, before it gets away from you The different personality types and how to deal with them in investing Working with your spouse, the unique challenges and benefits What they’ve learned from being podcast hosts and interviewing hundreds of investors The importance of lifestyle and work/life balance - don’t forget why you got into RE investing in the first place How Rob moved from Canada to Costa Rica, and how he continues to help investors in CR or Canada Why Sandy gives back to his community And MORE! Rob’s Bio Rob is an entrepreneur in the world of residential investment real estate, with an impressive history of many successful BRRR projects. Rob has coached and advised countless investors through acquisition and renovations to help build their own generational wealth. Rob and his family have recently relocated to Costa Rica and are flipping houses there as well as maintaining his real estate team in Ontario at the Breakthrough Property Group under KW Energy. Rob has also joined Krain Luxury Real Estate to help other Canadians fulfill their dreams of owning property in Costa Rica. Rob Break [email protected] 289-927-0464 Sandy’s Bio With more than 10 years in the real estate industry, Sandy is an experienced investor, a real estate entrepreneur, and a visionary for building generational wealth through real estate. His consistent and strategic work has led him to build multiple million-dollar businesses in real estate including a realtor team selling 300+ units a year, a property management company, a construction company, an investment company, Joint Venture programs and BRRR projects. Sandy’s success can be attributed largely to his ability to build and lead teams. Sandy has also launched Keller Williams Legacies Realty in Vaughan, Ontario where he is the Operating Principal. The brokerage grew to over 100 realtors within its first year of operation.  His passion for building generational wealth not only for himself but for all his partners and clients had led him to a new ambitious project… Freedom Reps. Sandy leads as CEO and founder of this full-service real estate platform that partners with the top 1% of Canadian agents and teams by helping expand their profitability, value proposition, wealth-building opportunities, unique local brand, and ultimately their freedom. You can reach out to Sandy through his office at 905-308-8333 or [email protected] This episode proudly sponsored by Deep Pockets - https://deep-pockets.ca If you're looking to borrow or invest funds, Deep Pockets should be at the top of your list.  It is a preferred choice for secure lending, and as a borrower you have the option of flexible terms and repayment plans, as Deep Pockets has flexible credit criteria and income approvals. As an investor, YOU GET TO BE THE BANK, using your cash, your RRSPs, LIRAs or even TFSAs. Earn maximum returns with NO out of pocket expenses. To find out more, visit the website or email [email protected]  Other Links: Private Investing, visit https://deep-pockets.ca Real Estate Investment Club visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca Gary's mentorship program visit https://garyhibbert.ca Start your own Podcast visit https
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