#158: Christopher Hummell & Quinton Cordick - Straight From The Streets Market Update
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#158: Christopher Hummell & Quinton Cordick - Straight From The Streets Market Update On this episode Gary chats with friends and fellow Smart Home Choice real estate investment realtors, Christopher Hummell and Quinton Cordick, with a look back at last year's market and what the current conditions are now. Chris & Quinton are frequently on the street, the laptop is open and it's real-time data of what they are seeing with clients. They also discuss immigration, rents, inventory and so much more in this critical market update. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: Year over year updates on the real estate market performance, last year and predictions Immigration levels pre-covid and now What's going on with inventory, and will it change Interest rates - static or rate hikes - how much and when Inflation - a newbies guide to what it is and how it affects monetary policy Renovation costs - what are people paying to get work done these days Rents - what type of rents are investors seeing in Peterborough for various unit types Student rentals - are they making a comeback Bill 108 what it is and what it affects And MORE! Bios Quinton Cordick | Investment Realtor Ninja Quinton is an established Real Estate agent with 10+ years of solid experience. He recognizes every real estate transaction is a major financial event in his client's lives. He prides himself on careful attention to each client's unique set of needs by delivering the services required to fully represent his clients with honesty and integrity. After graduating from York University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, Quinton went on to work in the field of Communications. It is there where he honed his interpersonal and communication skills which he has carried forward into the world of real estate and investments. Quinton enjoys staying active through playing baseball and basketball. He is also a dedicated husband and father to his two children. Christopher Hummell | Investment Realtor Ninja   Chris has been investing in rental properties for near a decade.  He is a full time investor and a full time real estate agent.  Over this period Chris has contributed to various projects and has worked with some of the best in the industry.  Having won several real estate awards himself and being profiled in several RE Investment magazines and articles, he continues to contribute his knowledge and experience with web articles, videos, seminars and events. Chris has a background in sales, public speaking and marketing. He prides himself on his people skills and aspires to teaching others how to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing and taking action. One of his personal goals is to mentor disadvantaged youth to show them that anybody can be successful and achieve their dreams. He has a family with two beautiful children whom he adores and loves to spend time with.    This episode proudly sponsored by BM Select - https://bmselect.ca  Are you looking to become a millionaire through real estate investing? Then BM Select is for you! BM Select has helped more people become millionaires over the past 15 years than ANY OTHER mortgage brokerage in Canada! BM Select focuses on working with Real Estate Investors who are looking to begin or expand their portfolio, as well as specializing in working with customers that are engaged with our host of Realtor contacts across Canada. At BM Select we offer strategic mortgage solutions with dedicated Agent Support along with leading-edge Underwriting and Fulfillment Services that allow you to sleep well knowing your mortgage transactions are being handled by top quality professionals. To find out more, visit the website or email https://bmselect.ca    Other Links: Private Investing, visit https://deep-pockets.ca Real Estate Investment Club visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca  Gary's mentorship program visit https://garyhibbert.ca  Start your own Podcast visit https://www.podcastexperts.ca   
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