#178: Antoinette & Dwayne Lawrence - What's Required When Scaling Your Real Estate Portfolio?
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#178: Antoinette & Dwayne Lawrence - What's Required When Scaling Your Real Estate Portfolio? On this episode Gary chats with Antoinette & Dwayne Lawrence, Smart Home Choice members for the last 4 years. On this podcast they share their real story of how they joined a Fast Start Class for Beginning Investors and purchased 1 property right away! They didn't do anything for a couple of years and then purchased a few more!  Do YOU have 1 or 2 properties and are not sure HOW to continue to grow and scale your real estate business? Don't miss this chat where Dwayne and Antoinette share their experiences on how to scale!   WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: How the Fast Start class got them investing quickly Why they didn't invest again for a few years How they got 3 properties in 1 year! Importance of having a team around you Don't need to know everything, but you need to know where to go to get answers First JV - what to do and what not to do The importance of mindset What books they're reading Lessons they've learned from books, podcasts, and the fast start class WHAT'S NEXT for them And MORE! Bios Dwayne and Antoinette have started an incredible journey and are focused on succeeding! They attended Smart Home Choice Inc, Fast Start training class for brand new investors in 2018, where they learned some of the fundamental basics of real estate investing. They have their eyes set on the prize, and after completing their Financing Strategy Call with Darlene and Gary, and guidance from their coach Christopher, they were able to purchase multiple cash-flowing properties in Peterborough and Lindsay.    This episode proudly sponsored by Deep Pockets - https://deep-pockets.ca If you're looking to borrow or invest funds, Deep Pockets should be at the top of your list.  It is a preferred choice for secure lending, and as a borrower you have the option of flexible terms and repayment plans, as Deep Pockets has flexible credit criteria and income approvals. As an investor, YOU GET TO BE THE BANK, using your cash, your RRSPs, LIRAs or even TFSAs. Earn maximum returns with NO out of pocket expenses. To find out more, visit the website or email [email protected]    Other Links:   Private Investing, visit https://deep-pockets.ca Real Estate Investment Club visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca  Gary's mentorship program visit https://garyhibbert.ca  Start your own Podcast visit https://www.podcastexperts.ca    Tags:  #realestateincanada, #realestatecanada, #realestatepodcast, #realestateinvesting, #investingincanada, #investplusrealty, #househunting, #canadianrealestate, #canadianpodcast, #buyinghomes, #investmentproperties, #wealth, #howtobecomewealthy, #mindset, #realtor, #realestate, #explicit, #howtobuyrealestate, #safeinvesting, #safeinvestments, #mentorship, #lessons
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