Episode 89 - Building An Empire With Butler Mortgages w/Dave Butler
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Gary chats with good friend, mentor and owner of mortgage broker Butler Mortgage, Dave Butler! Butler Mortgage has been consistently the #1 mortgage broker across Canada! Dave has also has had a huge impact on Gary, and has helped in various ways, including the startup of SmartHomeChoice and helping them get started in private lending! What you'll learn: How Butler Mortgage grew to be Canada’s favourite It’s not always about the lowest rate! What will happen to interest rates? Dave’s opinion of current and future market conditions If you are new to investing, is THIS the time to jump in, or hold off? Dave talks about the stock market, and some of the cannabis stocks he’s been dabbling in The election (as of Oct 29 when this was recorded) and how it has factored into the markets depending on who won The evolution of the Canadian real estate investor How Dave’s first gig in high school as a bookie factored into his future Why he started getting into mortgages as it felt good to help others with the biggest financial challenge of their lives How he cared about what people thought of the process of working with him Why when he worked with his dad When he went out on his own with another agency, how he built a stable of real estate agents He did $17 million in his first year! His team will likely hit $500 million this year! How his team has adapted to working during pandemic times Why he’s been referral only and does no advertising Why you have to plan out your mortgage applications, and go to banks in a certain order - why Butler does this If you want multiple properties, you need a plan, it’s going to be an experience, and you need to work with someone who knows how to get to the destination If your mortgage agent isn’t passionate and excited about your journey as an investor, you need a new agent Why companies will have to innovate & evolve, and won’t sit still during COVID Why urban condos are emptying and why they’ll continue to empty Why the Toronto condo market may come back, and may present an interesting opportunity for someone that con handle risk Supply and demand is at play Why work from home will be the standard going forward… Why he has an interest in cannabis stocks - he’s not a ‘stock guy’ but is a value investor in many sectors Why work life balance is important, as Dave had a heart attack at 39! And MORE! Dave got started in mortgages at 23 years old after attending the University of Toronto.  His parents and Brother are also in the mortgage industry.  In Dave’s 1st year in mortgages he was named the Canadian Rookie of the Year and since that time his business has grown leaps and bounds, he currently holds the title of Canada’s #1 Ranked Mortgage Broker by Volume for the last 3 years in a row. Website/contact info for guest Web: www.bmselect.ca Phone: 1-888-684-8326 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BMSelect Instagram: @BM.Select & @DaveButlerMTG Please a leave a review, as it helps Gary understand if he’s bringing on the right guests that you want to hear from! Interested in learning more about Real Estate Investing? Visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca
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