#112: Redefining Success During Covid w/W. Brett Wilson
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#112:  Redefining Success During Covid On this week’s show Gary chats with investor, philanthropist, author and Dragon’s Den alumnus. He has built extensive holdings in the power generation, hydrocarbon production, real estate development, cannabis, agriculture, sports and entertainment industries, and he shares his insights on how covid has impacted life for investors. They also touch on Brett’s health issues, especially his cancer battle numerous times, and what he learned from it. He shares his number 1 golden rule in life, and how we get back to some sort of normalcy. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: The SIX priorities are important to him in life Why marketing is completely overlooked as a skill or discipline His views on masks, lockdowns and vaccinations What is ’essential’? Why all his businesses are COVID compliance What he learned from his 3 dances with cancer What is work/life balance for Brett - the more he worked, the more he made, the more he worked His family relationships suffered Why his book should have been subtitled - Redefining Success - In A Wealth Obsessed World Why his daughter asked ‘Why can’t we define success by the size of the smile?’ Brett’s opinion on ‘How much is enough’ - Musk, Bezos, etc Why education is important - ‘you have to better yourself’ “If wealth is all you care about, don’t worry about your health, don’t worry about your family, just chase wealth” (sarcasm) Why the study of entrepreneurship is so valuable Why charity is a huge part of his ‘business’ ‘A good business that is marketed well uses community as its point of engagement’ And MORE! Brett’s Bio Father, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist W. Brett Wilson is best known as a “Dragon Emeritus” from 3 seasons on CBC’s hit reality TV show Dragons’ Den. He has built extensive holdings in the power generation, hydrocarbon production, real estate development, cannabis, agriculture, sports and entertainment industries.   His business and philanthropic leadership have brought him considerable recognition including the Order of Canada (2011) and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit (2012).  Brett continues to simplify and organize his life to focus on what is most important - his family, friends and health.   His  semi-autobiography “Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes” is an all-time best selling business book in Canada. Website/contact info for guest Instagram: http://instagram/wbrettwilson Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WBrettWilsonFan Resources: Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes - W. Brett Wilson This episode proudly sponsored by Deep Pockets - https://deep-pockets.ca If you’re look to borrow or invest funds, Deep Pockets should be at the top of your list.  It is a preferred choice for secure lending, and as a borrower you have the option of flexible terms and repayment plans, as Deep Pockets has flexible credit criteria and income approvals. As an investor, YOU GET TO BE THE BANK, using your cash, your RRSPs, LIRAs or even TFSAs. Earn maximum returns with NO out of pocket expenses. To find out more, visit the website or email [email protected] Please a leave a review, as it helps Gary understand if he’s bringing on the right guests that you want to hear from! Interested in learning more about Real Estate Investing? Visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca To learn more about Gary’s mentorship program, visit https://garyhibbert.ca
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