#123: Pitfalls & Mistakes Lawyers Can Save You From w/Brian McMurter
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#123: Pitfalls & Mistakes Lawyers Can Save You From w/Brian McMurter On this week’s show Gary chats with good friend and Gary’s personal real estate lawyer for many years, Brian McMurter. He’s been in the business for 40 years, and June 2021 was his busiest month, EVER! He says everyone he’s ever known AND their children seem to be buying or selling right now! He’s built a solid team of professionals to help assist home buyers and sellers protect their interests and assets, for likely one of the biggest financial transactions of their lives. They had a wide-ranging discussion about current situations, and plain advice that never grows old. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Do you even NEED a lawyer to close a property in Ontario Should you close a property in your own name, a corporation or a 3-tiered corp? Who does the lawyer represent - you, the bank or both? What types of delays happen upon closing, and how they affect many other properties down the line Types of clauses and buyer protection YOU should be adding into real estate contracts Types of clauses Brian thinks should be added Challenges and rewards of private lending How the pandemic has changed how McMurter does business How personal marijuana growth at home is affected Brian’s opinions on future market conditions And MORE! Brian’s Bio Brian C. McMurter is a Whitby-based lawyer, specializing in Real Estate and Wills & Estates and also providing Notary services, having come to law following an extremely successful career in the banking industry. With firm roots in the Durham Region in Ontario, Brian’s client base extends from Scarborough through to Clarington, and all the cities in between (Pickering/Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle). Brian’s policy of “No Surprises” has made him a popular choice among residents and real estate professionals alike. He actively supports his community as a member of the Chamber of Commerce, participates in the Durham Networking Association, and is a frequent speaker in the community on topics relating to real estate and wills. Website/contact info for guest Web: https://www.mcmurter.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brian-C-McMurter-208879189123996 This episode proudly sponsored by AGHI Home Inspections and Brian Daley. Whether buying or selling a property, AGHI recognizes that the process can be stressful. It is critical that any decision you make be one that is based on knowing all of the facts. Purchasers, vendors, insurance companies and lending institutions have come to recognize the professionally trained residential home inspector as a credible source of key information vital to making these decisions, and AGHI has been doing it for over 15 years! Contact http://www.bookahomeinspection.com or call (416) 526-7482 Please a leave a review, as it helps Gary understand if he’s bringing on the right guests that you want to hear from! Interested in learning more about Real Estate Investing? Visit https://www.smarthomechoice.ca To learn more about Gary’s mentorship program, visit https://garyhibbert.ca
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